flan gallery

I decided to show off my player house made for Dustin back in december 2013. It's an art gallery with living area on the first floor, and a torture room in the basement section. All the artworks exposed in the gallery are real digital paintings created by Dustin and converted to .dds :D
Room207 was kind enough to show interest in the house mods we kept on making. I made a huge list of our player homes for him, and then I recalled I was really going to show off the Gallery and Dustin's art because it's something cool that everyone should see.


kijiko hair pack

As I was going to finish my rather enormous project on giving the best TheSims hairs to TES IV Oblivion guys, after I started noticing that nearly everyone's male characters were already using my hair ports, then I discovered wonderful Kijiko's site! All Kijiko hairs were so gorgeous that I just couldn't resist but ran my blender and converted nearly all of them. So have the 6th and definitely final part of Max's hair conversion project. This time 14 of Kijiko works on male hairs were covered. This hair package by Kijiko is definitely my most favourite ever, for these hairs made my boys look even more sexy than ever! Hard to believe? Open this post and witness. :D


obsessive boys

I was feeling lazy, got this life too, so I havent came up yet with any shares in may, despite my plans. But you were definitely curious about my boys, what they have been up to all these months (unless you're one of those wonderful people who follow my tumblr gallery or my facebook page). Here are some pictures with boys I'd like to share because I find them beautiful and unique.