the oldies! Maxs story, and the archive of Maxs images

First things first, i'mma upload my old favourite images of my main player character Maxim, and I'll start with his character profile. just to let everyone know what kind of character he is.

    •  Max was born in a wealthy family of healers. His family owned a big house in the Temple district of IC. Max's family included a mother that hated him, a stepfather that loved him, and a elder sister who was constantly out there. One day Max was kidnapped from his room. 
    •  Max had gone missing for some years until the very day he returned. His skin became sleek and pale, nearly transparent, and there were bloody circles around the eyes, as if he was stored sleepless for years in a very dark and wet place. He refused to talk to anyone, and he carried the porphyric haemophylia disease. He never told anyone who had done this to him.
    •  Max was beyond cure of vampirism, because he was somehow infected in a postmortem state. Contagion appeared to be the only way to bring Max's body back to life, as his abductor concluded he hadn't got enough of playing with Max. However, when Max raised as a vampire, he couldn't recollect any details of his life or death; he didn't recognize his tormentor, wasn't afraid of him, neither he was afraid of pain. And yet, this time murdering Max was way harder than before. Noone knows what happened to the abductor, apparently he fell a victim to his own lust.
    • As the Undead, Max basically had to learn anew how to talk, walk, feed, etc., and he didn't have feelings any more, lust was the only thing constantly filling up his thoughts. He spread his desire towards persons of his own sex, never thought of was it right or wrong. Obviously he didn't bother to sort things out, just followed his instinct. As all the attempts to cure Max of vampirism have lead to nowhere, his family broke off with him and left the city in disgrace.
    •  Max met Flan and turned him to a vampire during Flan's suicide attempt. Max was spending his time loafing about the Arcane university at nights, as he enjoyed peeping at male apprentices. One night Max spotted Flan lying in the bath tub, with his veins cut. Max came closer, attracted by the smell of fresh blood. For whatever reason he decided to keep this spoiled beauty for himself. Maybe because Flan already wasted too much blood into the water, maybe Flan became special for Max the very moment he looked at this unconscious body. Instead of sucking him, the young vampire presented to Flan his first kiss of unlife.
    •  During their initial days together Flan couldn't stand Max. As Flan was turned while being still alive, he kept his feelings and remembrance of his past and his decision to quit. Flan blamed Max for what he couldn't comprehend, and the two boys spent a lot of time fighting. Normally Flan would beat the hell out of Max, for he was the stronger one. It was hard for Flan to appreciate the dark gift, because Max couldn't explain, due to him being not so talkative, why did he do this to him. Somehow Flan figured out in the end, this was done because Max wanted a friend, not a vampire thrall or a sex slave, like Flan previously was thinking. In due course these two became friends, and lovers. Still, Flan is fond of tormenting Max from time to time, just to show who's got the power. Sweet, isn't it!
    •  For now, Max is un/living un/happily with his heavenly boyfriend, ruining lives of other ppl/elves/orcs/whoever from time to time, by means of killing them :D Max doesn't care much about the fact that those snacks he's draining blood of, were probably someone's friends and lovers too.
      That's my Max!
    Max is rarely seen without his boyfriend Flan
    Selected images of my character that I like

    Max's diary entry (excerpt)
    'I'm hungry', you're whispering wickedly to me, settled behind me on the sofa, your hands wrapping around my body. Pressed tightly to your chest I feel your cool breath on my neck.
    I sense you're smiling and it makes me shiver.
    I still can't figure out what exactly lays behind the grins your delish lips usually endow me with.
    What else I feel, is that someone's watching us... as usual, though. Nasty Damien or sticky Babs, and it's perceptibly turning you on. You're growing fucking hard, and this is what you're insisting on right now, rocking your hips against my ass. A violent fuck, until we both become sore.
    Once you've told me - when we were alive, the word 'hunger' meant something very different. What it means for me, is better call lust. For blood, sex, violence, whatever. The only true and intense kind of feeling we experience throughout the unlife we drag.
    Your fingertips wring out my nipple, you reach the other hand to grab my erection, so that I'm wincing like all of my nerves were stripped.
    Nearly exploded I wrench off and turn to you, I seize your mouth with mine, hear my blood beats in the vessels, or is it yours. The smell of blood grows intoxicating, I wonder how I haven't devoured all of you yet.
    I suck and bite your moist lips, rubbing hard against your body, while your hands are squeezing my buttocks. I crave so much for you to get inside me, or me inside you, doesn't matter, just to become a whole with you. These short moments when I really can't tell where you begin and I end, seem just right. We are truly one.
    All of a sudden I need to speak to you, like all real lovers do. I pull my mouth away from yours to catch my breath, and I say, 'I...' 
    I watch you licking your lips, staring at me with your eyes darkened. I gotta say how much I love you, but I just can't make myself say this, for it's not true.
    I died some years ago, I can not love... and that's my fault you baby can not, either.

    ...and who is the third, fat and blond guy with a crooked face, popping up in some images? this is Flan's former boyfriend Damien. He's a demonic trickster, and he may alter the reality. He tended to piss Max off A LOT, untill he met another boy for himself, and shoved off in the end. See the next entry. ;]

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