demon meatsuit race and companions ver.1.2 - updated

This lovely mod allows you to play as an extra blonde horned abominated piece of meat covered in hate.
Also, this lovely mod allows you to make companionship with an extra blonde horned abominated piece of meat covered in hate.
In fact, one can get two CM companions, Alistair by Dustin, and Crowley by Max. Haha.
Having their personality splitted in such a whimsical tragical way, together they could write a diary of the TWO dope fiends for you, I'm sure.
Both companions are resided in Skingrad.
CM Crowley usually can be found somewhere behind the Fighters guild. He's got his sword on, and in the ver. 1.2 he is dressed in a prettyful victorian outfit.
Crowley's affected by brain decay. Thus you get chances to catch it as well, whenever you attack him accidentally or intentionally.
CM Alistair by Dustin can be found in Two Sisters Lodge, 1st floor. Look for him in the room for rent. He's got some unique features - a different head mesh, special blind eyes, and he's slightly taller.

Race description;

The race is male only.
It comes in two variations;
Demon 666 uses the Head06 JC1
Demon 999 uses the Head06 TKRT3.
Exclusive eyes by Dustin Flan,
Hairs by Kijiko, Nightcrawler, Skysims converted by Maxim from theSims 2 and theSims3.
The body skin is 4096x4096, with a lovely demonic tattoo on the back.

Strength - 30
Endurance - 30
Speed - 30
Agility - 30
Personality - 10
Intelligence - 60
Willpower - 90
Luck - 30

Skill bonus:
Alteration +10
Destruction +10
Illusion +33
Sneak +10

Spells and abilities:
Demon Despair: prolonged electrocution. use at your own risk, but you definitely SHOULD try it on companions. It's so much fun.
Demon Tantrum: massive strength burst. Use once a day, since tantrums are damage to health.
Demon Immune: immune to paralysis, lover's kisses and what not.

A two handed sword fitting for the demon is added into this mod. Shady Sam will gladly sell it to ya for 100 gold or higher. Just so you know, Shady Sam is located outside the Imperial City, somewhere behind the local stables.
In the CM companion mod the sword is equipped on Crowley companion. Also, in the ver. 1.2 Crowley is dressed in a victorian outfit that is a mashup by Dustin.

- Use 7zip to extract the files.
- Firstly, move the meshes and textures folders to ur Oblivion/Data folder.
- If you want the race, grab the "DemonRaceMeatsuit.esp" and place to ur Oblivion/Data folder.
- If you want the companions, grab the "DemonMeatsuit.esp" and place to ur Oblivion/Data folder.
- Activate the chosen .esp(s) via launcher of your choice.
- Enjoy.


- Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416

- Roberts male body v.5
 just follow the link and grab the body meshes this was made for.

- Custom Race fixes:
Unofficial Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416
Custom Race Fix + Boethia Shrine Custom Race Fix


the hairs and face skin from the promo pictures are outdated.
The screens below were kept for historical purpose only:


  1. ahhh such cute pics of the demons i have not seen yet! also, i just tried out the 'demonic tantrum' the other day haha, it was fun.

    1. lmao hope it was not me who got some prolonged electrrrocution.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this race <33
    they're gorgeous! (like everything else you do!)

    i'm new to oblivion and i'm SO glad i found this blog <3 it's made the game 1000% better for me, thank you two so much!

    i'd love the The extended version but have no clue on how to contact you..

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    I'm requesting the extended version Please..:) An I thank you for these awesome mods.. john

    1. Kay, type me ur email, i then will send you the password. Your next comment won't be showed publicly ofc.

  4. Hey! I'm a huge admirer of your work---I can hardly believe this race is in oblivion, it's so gorgeous. I've been searching for a way to make this race work for a while; for some reason the file won't open correctly when I download it off the nexus. I was looking for a fix when I discovered you have a whole blog! That discovery was well worth the sadness of failure on my part. :)

    I'm wondering if you can send me towards the extended file? I'm hoping to have better luck with it (and to take advantage of those gorgeous new haircuts. >u>) I'll send my email in my next comment if you're still checking on this file's comments <3

  5. hey thanks for your interest in my work.however I suggest you trying flans races,like models,or swan,or pale victim,since I like those very much and love the work of my lovely friend.also I will try to help you out with troubleshooting,since I only give support @this blog.as for the extended demonic race,i will give it to you as soon as I get hoke,in early days of september,for I cant get access to mah comp right now.cheers max.

    1. Hi, Max! I never got an email from you, so I'm putting mine here again: komui_li@live.com

      Take your time! I'm sure you're very busy making awesome new things <3

    2. you've got mailz XD

  6. as soon as I get home,haha

  7. The Allystair Companion is missing eyes and hair. I can see the wall through them. Omod conflict detector says that the two campanions are conflicting with each other. No mention in the Readme's from what I can see. Just thought I'd posit this for your trouble shooting and for anyone else who may encounter it

  8. thanks for letting know,i didnt know the two demon cm companions conflict.

    1. Actually Allystair works he is there just the hair and eyes are missing and OMOD said they conflicted. Crowly is fine, the PC race is fine just Allystair is missing the eyes and the hair.

    2. and did you try giving any other hair and eyes to Allystair?
      i checked out that conflict detector and it showed that all of my companions conflict with each other and the 'all natural.esm' (hmmm???). but evryone's got their hair and eyes on. idk.

    3. I have very little modding skills so I would have no idea how to give eyes and hair to Allystair. But if I am the only one perhapse it is not an issue only my own ignorance on the inner workings of mods.

  9. i sorted this out - allystair had been having a wrong hair path,indeed. he has been fixed, and the entire mod was reuploaded. check this out. XD

  10. This mod is amazing!! May I request the extended version? characterof2012@gmail.com

    1. sure. thank you. hope you'd like it even more.

  11. Hi. First off I´d like to thank you for this amazing mod!
    Though I seem to have a problem with it´s voice. (the race itself works fine). When I start up the game this race doesn´t seem to have a voice. That´s why I tried opening this mod mit tes Construction set. When I looked at the race it´s voice choice says "demonmeatsuit". Wouldn´t that mean that I need a folder in the data/sound/voice directory that´s named the same way? Or was there supposed to be custom voices for the race that wasn´t included in the download file? If so shouldn´t it be at least possible to enter another races voice into that order to give the custom race any voice at all? By the way I have the german version of the game and I´m a complete noob when it comes to mods, so please be gentle with your answer. Thanks in advance!

    1. http://www.mediafire.com/?pbpjqdmubtzpl55

      here's the demon voice for you! hope you like it.

      and i am always gentle to the beautiful people commenting in my blog. 'cause some feedback is so vital to any project. hope to hear from you again. at least let me know if the voice works.
      cheers Max

    2. Thanks for the insanely fast reply ! The voice works. And don´t worry. As long as you keep releasing nice stuff like that, I´ll definetely visit this site again (more than once). By the way are you guys also gonna make mods for skyrim, or do you only make the mods for oblivion? And one more question: Do you know any mods that add some demonlike clothing, that are sexy, just in case I´d like to dress up s&m style or something like that?

    3. Ahh UW. A couple days ago i actually tried to figure out that skyrim modding thing. i had to make me a custom character, also i have converted some of flan's eyes for myself. sadly my knowledge of CS didnt help at all when it came to making races in CK - it appeared to be a whole new process, sadly a much complicated one.
      A bit of ranting here - a fucking year had passed, still there are no good skin resources for men >_< i had to use parts of female skins and my own picture references which were pretty blurry :p. thats why im still sticking to my oblivion guns, plus i've got a huge bunch of things for oblivion to release.
      as for the sm things, flan had made this one http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7244/6857762224_b5a0a690c6_o.png
      i think i have already made a standalone mod featuring all the apparel he converted. idk why its not released yet. sorry for that. hopefully i'll put it up in the blog soon.

  12. Aww, wonderful demons, i'm so glad, that i found your blog! You make amazing works, really. It is not easy task - find a beautiful male's race and i'm very glad, that you share your works with others. Thank you very much for this :)

    May i ask you to send me a extended version on a swetlana.solomatina@mail.com? If you don't mind)

  13. Beautiful work! Might I request the extended version, please? (adcwh@hotmail.ca)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. UR welcome, and you got the mailz.

  14. Hello again, my extremely tallented boys! Once again you have outdone yourselves! :) I say with full confidence that you two are possibly the BEST Oblivion race creators ever to bless this otherwise mundane world. Needless to say, I am grateful to you both your sharing your gifts and products of your vivid minds with us all. Excuse my gushing. ^^; *ahem* In any case, I would like to request the extended version, if I may. I have tried this version and had no conflicts. It'll be wonderful to see what else you have added. So, my email is phantas_eyez@dodo.com.au I'm sorry to be bothering you again, I just can't get enough of your work!

    1. oh wow! you're so welcome, and i'm always happy to share my files with all the beautiful people :D
      the extended version adds a lot more of new hairs and eyes to the demon boys. just overwrite your regular mod with this one- you dont need to make a clean save or whatever. :]

  15. Thankyou! I was hoping I didn't sound like a stalker. ^^; lol. Looking forward to seeing more updates.

  16. I'm a huge fan of all of your work, this is my favorite blog for Oblivion. Thank you for all your amazing mods! I love this mod especially, it's beautiful. <3
    When ever you get a chance, would you mind sending me the extended version? My email address is abendrothdietrich@gmail.com :)

    1. thanks for your kind words. i decided to share the extended version publicly because of too many requests, and it's the mod that can be downloaded from this page - ver. 1.1. there are 35 male hairs in total, and 35 pairs of mostly exclusive eyes by Dustin, also the companions are included.
      you can also download the voice for the demons on this mod page.

  17. Lovely race~! I've used it for a long while now. :3 I used the one mostly from the nexus; but didn't know that the mod was extended :D I'm excited to try out new hairstyles~ ...I feel like a shut-in, obsessing over beauty in an old game.. xD I'm a weird guy.. Anyway! good job :3 <3 glad to see some cute-creepy races that arent 'buff-only' ^^

    1. Awh. Thanks! you're lucky to get one of the last copies of the mod's version. soon i'm going to replace the hair extension with my own conversions because i've got a lot of them.
      Don't rush through burying Oblivion game. Hundreds of talented modders still mod for TheSims2, which is even older. I am sure Oblivion looks better than the Skyrim if enb'fied and modded in a proper way. And we have here Robert's bodies. Which is crucial. And yes, penis too. Can't go wrong with penis, no waaay~d:

  18. Yus :D penor are amazing~ even though i'm still a virgin boy x3 Anywho, I cant wait to see what mods will be made next :3 Envy thanks you for his companions and apparel from your other mods xD The Envy suit? I freaked out when i saw the name, i was like "ZOMG NEED" x3 Sorry, I ramble :3

  19. Oh~ I forgot to ask.. is there a mod that makes all hair (even mod hair) look less... shiny and plastic-y? >o< The hair looks really nice as is but sometimes the glare and shinyness is a lil too much o-o

  20. huh, solution one - using my hair conversions, hope it helps?
    'cause i always fondle my alpha transparency no matter what.
    solution2, check your ini, there should be - bAllow20HairShader=1
    just like this.
    or, turn off hdr in the settings.

  21. AnonymousJuly 25, 2014

    Hi, I want this mod, but the download doesn't start from box, whatever I try. I'm registerd at box, but nothing happend. Can I download the file otherways, like mediafire? Is there a link to it?

    1. Hi it seems like Box's bandwidth has exceeded, too many downloads, I guess. I changed the link to mediafire, should work now. but this mod is very outdated. the included hairs look ugly to me. as this mod is still very popular, i'm going to replace them old hairs with my conversions. you can download it as it is and keep your eye out for the update.

  22. AnonymousJuly 27, 2014

    Oh, many thanks and a big hug for your very fast response. Like the mod really. You're a funtastic modder. Do you know angelica amulets mod? Some nice bling with feathers and fangs, but until now only for girls :-( It was nice, if someone could convert them to match for the boys. If you had time and fun and the permission from the owner.
    Link to download:

    1. Well I've seen these amulets converted to male a long time ago.
      If I find them, I'm gonna pass them to you. but how?.

  23. AnonymousJuly 28, 2014

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Hey, I just wanted to tell you i succeeded i'm gonna send you these amulets as soon as i fight that clipping thing. http://i.imgur.com/RyUhEC5.png :D

  25. oh, whow! That's fine. Thank you a lot!

  26. Oh! <3 How did you make such beautiful character as in the hair chart? He looks perfect in every hairstyle! It's a beautiful race, but I can't come close to making such a lovely character in the racemenu as here!

  27. Ah yes these races of yours are truly some of the best available for oblivion, I thank you for uploading these.