at the end of the world

the new big picture set!
this is about the 2 tieflings living happily in Dagon Fel, Morrowind

Noah the tiefling with a burned skin, is living in a small shack.
Victor is appearing as the pale tiefling, kinda noble
he owns a very lovely house..
.. Victor's going to show off the house to his friend Noah
...if he gets undressed for him. Victor finds this amusing.
See round the house too.
 It was not very hard for Noah to get nekkid, since these two are the only inhabitants of Dagon Fel for now.
This is my first house put together from Dustin's furniture conversions and some other resources.
The location is Forsaken isles by Phitt.
And both the lovely races are created by my dearest Dustin too.


  1. max, idk where you find the time to pump out so many beautiful pics! i'm jealous of your graphics card, and your talent. it makes me so happy to see you like these textures so much <3

  2. well idk i shoot these on my old laptop mostly lol
    but thankyou <3 i'mma post today too. well, i've been finishing my last picture for the new set to post when i saw you online XD

  3. well lucky me XD i actually have been meaning to get online for days, but i always sleep until like 7pm and then it's too late to go. but today i just stayed up all night so i wouldnt oversleep :) hahah

  4. good! i stay up often but not tonight XD i locked myself at home to finish all those pics i was going to post. my eyes are bleeding, no big deal but i should better go out right now. or sleep. otherwise i'll be looking like that guy on the picture you sent me, with the hair error lol 0_o where are his eyes, did somebody eat them out, mm??

  5. haha my eyes bleed on a regular basis. and yeah, i saw that my error model blinked when i took the screen, i have exellent timing lol.

  6. AnonymousJuly 03, 2012

    I wouldn't mind seeing them as Campanions...They are super..:) John

    1. Well, the Tieflings might be published eventually. So far it is only a race though. But you might like our other CM companions offered here in this blog. Just browse through the posts labelled 'companions' ;