the oldies pt II babs

Babs is a Kiwi, he's my second player character, created by Flan in Oblivion and originated from this story . He's a hallucinogenic kiwifruit as you know. This compilation, except for the last two pictures, is showing Babs with his old face. His buddy is Damien.

According to the diary Babs held in his inventory, he first met Max and Flan near Bravil at night, while the boys were swimming in Larsius river. He wrote down about this event, being un-aware of the large part these boys were going to play in his life. He couldn't get this out of his head.

...'Babs shut the diary and put it away. He decided to trace those guys by himself and quickly headed to Bravil town. He asked about the blond boy in a local inn, and then about the red haired one, but noone could recall them showing up in town. Babs was recommended not to go out at night; too many persons were among the missing in Bravil and outskirts, all just disappeared during nights, young boys and girls mostly.
Babs rent a room for the night at Silverhome, he was going to leave the next morning because he had explored the town from top to bottom and never met the guys he was so deeply interested in. Babs awoke in the middle of the night, for he sensed someone calling him in his dream... probably the pale guy whose face Babs would never forget.
The kiwiboy left his room and went outdoors. He located the source so easily as if his telepathic telephone tortured tips were still fully functional. Babs had nothing on except for the white briefs, and his slick skin slightly glittered in the moonlight. Babs crossed the square and moved down the south-west bridge, passing the Mages guild. He then reached the shack deserted by appearance, with the windows shuttered. Babs entered the room gently lit by candlelight, and saw them immediately. The blond boy and the red haired one together, touching, licking and kissing each other so violently, pulling hard and deep into each other, letting out screams of delight. Babs couldnt help but stare at them, his heart sank, his eyeholes dilated, his briefs becoming too tight. So, these guys were boyfriends, just like Babs himself used to have a boyfriend, who's dead now, forever...
Once Babs came to his senses, he found himself sitting on the floor, clutched between two naked bodies. They smelled so strange, like metal and hot milk.
"Spying on us, aren't you", the pale guy whispered slowly into Babs' twisted ear.
"We should have fun all together", the blond went on, a mischievous grin fluttered on his kiss-swollen lips.
"Whom of us do you like more baby", the pale boy asked, his fangs flashed in the candlelight.
"Yes, whom do you like more, me or him", the other boy echoed.
"I", Babs babbled, "I like you both".
"Awww, I'm just dying to taste your wet flesh..." the blond's voice broke, his hands slid down Babs' hips, his sharp fangs nibbled Babs' neck, and then...
"Ewww this food is uneatable!?!"
"Jeez, it's totally vile!?!"
The two boys jumped aside from Babs, staring like he was some kind of a bane.
"This is your fault Flan", the red haired guy spat out, "I told you he was freaky, and look, he's got some crap instead of tasty blood that I need".
"How should I know Max? How should I know?"
"I'll show you how", Max promised, and the boys went punching each other in the same desperate way they have been kissing before.
"So, arent you two going to eat me", Babs asked gingerly, as he was trying to separate the fighters. He ended up getting a blow on the head, the sticky juice started to drip down his face. He then decided to wait till the couple's rage decreases.
"Who are you, a toxic man", Flan exhaled, after their fight was over. "Why are you so different from all the other people?"
Babs felt like crying, he said, "I am a kiwifruit. I am a delicious one, and honestly, I would gladly give myself to you for eating me up. I really don't have a reason to live any more".
"Vampires don't eat kiwifruits", Max observed, showing his teeth, "we eat human blood, and sometimes flesh too. Why not? The only trick is to cook it right".
"Stop talking about food", Flan frowned.
"Did I say it's your fault", Max talked back, "What if I get an allergic reaction on this fruit?"
"You guys are different too, just like me", Babs went on, "I thought if I make friends with you, I won't be alone any more, so I came to you".
"Nah", Max giggled, "you came because I had called you for, uhm, a lunch, and what you say is just how you explain your impulse to yourself".
"You see", Babs said despondently, "I'm not afraid of you, although I know you boys won't let me go, otherwise I would have given you away to the town guards. So just kill me if you don't want me".
"Why are you so eager to be killed", Flan wondered.
And Babs began on his story. The candles scattered about the dark room nearly burned down while he was speaking, the day broke outside the windows. Max and Flan listened closely until Babs was done with the story, they exchanged glances as if they were devising some plot all this time, then Flan made up his mind. He picked up a dagger and slashed his bare hand so that the blood began to pour down on Babs' head, and Flan said: 'Drink me'. Max held Babs' head fixed to prevent him from dodging, they forced Babs to take a mouthful of Flan's thick infected blood. The taste appeared so repulsive that Babs nearly threw up.
The last thing he heard from Flan was:
"I should go hunt by day to feed you darling, and then we..."
Babs fainted'.

The tragic secret of Babs was the fact that he accidentally killed his previous friend. He was broken with this death, and Max and Flan were carried away with each other so they didn't have time nor desire to look after their new member. While Babs was confusing over his new state (aka vampiric hallucinogenic kiwifruit) he attracted the curiosity of Damien. Damien used to pester Flan until he became distracted and drugged away by Babs.

'Babs stood in the kitchen, peering out of the pale curtains. He knew something was lurking on the porch. He could smell cinnamon in the air, and it was making him ill. Where were Max and Flan? They'd told him to stay in Anvil, in this house that reeked of death and tears. His new teeth pierced his lips. He tasted the sweet nectar leaking from the wounds, and it was only adding to the mounting fear.
Whatever was outside wanted in, he knew that much. It had been whispering to him for hours. Soft, scratchy voice in his mind- I want you... give it to me…  It was all Babs could bear. He wanted to run to the bed and pull the covers over him head, but he knew he couldn't hide from this. Occasionally he heard the scraping of nails against the front door, the windows. What would he do when this thing was no longer outside? When it was coming down the hall, when his breath was on Babs's delicious neck…
Babs spun around, slamming into a hard, well-muscled chest. Feeling hot, smooth arms wrap tight around his slender frame, Babs let out a pathetic cry before a dark hand clamped firmly over his mouth. Bright gold eyes locked with his own. "Hello, baby…" Babs watched the thick lips move fluidly as they said the words. He was absolutely overcome with the overpowering scent of cinnamon now. But he was now strangely mesmerized instead of sickened by it.
"You know my name…" The strange man slowly took his striped fingers away from his captive's soft mouth. Babs didn't even have to think about it. "Dam… Damien…" A warm tongue now invaded his mouth, licking at the mounds made by his new fangs. Babs almost smiled. Damien tasted just the same as the scent he gave of. Feeling a sharp pain in the flesh of his chest, Babs looked down to see Damien's fingers digging at one of his seeds. "No, don't touch those!" Babs breathed painfully. Damien showed his crooked smile as he dug his fingers in further to Babs's chest, seizing the seed and removing it from the green flesh. "Here it is…" Damien held the gleaming black seed carefully in his fingers.
"No! You don't know what you're doing!" Babs cried in vain. But it was too late, Damien had already thrown him to the floor, and proceeded to place the seed delicately on his tongue. Closing his mouth, He slowly looked down at the weak green boy on the floor. Babs could already see Damien's tiny pupils expanding rapidly. Damien slowly crawled to the floor beside Babs, a blank expression in his eyes. And then he heard the call, so many times as he had before… Babs was being drawn into Damien's mind.
The furniture, the walls, even the trees outside the windows were all dissolving into creamy nothingness… until nothing was left but Damien's warm body next to Babs's own. It was all too certain what was to happen now. The tentacles were already decending on them from above. Babs watched in terror as they sped towards the motionless body of Damien. But something was different. Babs looked over at Damien's face, and what else would Damien have been doing- but smiling! He glanced at the tentacle speeding toward him. "Really, boy… did you think I was an ametuer?" Damien smirked'.
(c) Dustin's story about how Babs first met Damien
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