Flan's Things, 1/2/12

hello once again, this is only my second post on this blog! i am horrible, i know.
also, i couldnt think of a better title for this post haha.

today i have lots of screens, 2 new sets of eyes, and my first ever creature mod.
screens first.

here's damien with max and flan after they escorted martin and that one old guy to cloud ruler temple.

i love this one, it turned out so nice. max and flan on one of the clinic's beds.

a quick portrait of damien, wearing room207's great jacket mesh that i've made 5498754 recolors of haha.

 jodie and damien, an older shot i found while cleaning out my fraps folder.

oooooohjeez, i was debating whether or not to post this one haha. easy damien....

 damien with max and flan at cloud ruler temple.

oooh, sexy damien and babs shot.

 babs and jodie helpin me collect nirnroot at shadeleaf copse.

 max and damien looking at an oblivion gate.

 flan and damien up in the mountains.

 hiding their faces from the guard.

 awww jodie's all dressed up.

 my version of the clinic from lady gaga's 'Marry the Night' video. haha. i did the pillows wrong though.

aaaaand pike's new appearance, he looks so much better. not that it matters, i just ignore him in-game.


here's the V3 of my Slave Eyes


here's the v2 of my crystalline devil eyes, which i have renamed as Cat's Eye


and here's my silly little deer mod, it adds a few white deer to the game. it's mostly a resource... but i threw together a quick esp so you dont have to do all the CS work.


  1. youre not horrible, you're amazing XD so many lovely and sexy things <333
    but please please do use the jump break thingie after you have inserted the first pic in the post, i beg ya XD
    aww the clinic looks nice. does it have a morgue?

    1. how do i use this 'jump-break thingie'? lol and maybe i should add a morgue... have you seen the video that the clinic is based on? lol its so great.

    2. oh just click on it i guess XD
      i had seen it ofc but i forgot.
      a morgue. gg XD i also dreamed of retexturing those in-game corpses, to look more fresh, you know.

  2. oh, yes! i've thought about that too, green flesh just does not do it for me...

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  4. why'd you remove your comment? lol

  5. haha just to make you wonder XD