flan's things, 2/18/2012

Good morning! I have recovered from my valentines day sickness, i was sick all week. this might be a good thing however, because I've made a couple things for you all :)

2 eye sets today.

download cat's large eyes- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?doehpldf952fna7

download gummy eyes- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gi2z1biro4iz62g

and lastly, here's a few of my recent pics. i havent taken many this week, i was too busy converting clothes to the v5.1 male scrawny body and stuff. plus i messed up my P&A player thing, i have to re-install it... bothersome.


  1. ahh lol these Gummy eyes are absolutely different! and i love so much the previous version. i like a lot how they look in eye sockets. gotta try the new eyes for a change though, because all the boys in my game except Babs and Damien are wearing the same Gummy eyes, white or mint XD

  2. why did you mess PA btw? was my explanation not clear enough, about how to add anims? i want a picture from you with those anims >:>

  3. i am working on a new version of the previous version gummy eyes, sorry to change them on you XD and as for p&a, sometimes i am not good at following directions properly XD i re-installed in the other day though, it's back to normal i think now. i will take screens with those anims, i promise XD