Flan's Things 2/7/12

hello dears, today i have a very small update for you.
i've converted SG's nobody dress to Robert's Female for Jodie.

download SG NOBODY DRESS FOR RF - http://www.mediafire.com/?2qy3lvtl7xhvfwt

next, i've decided to upload my base textures here as well as on the nexus.

and lastly, here's the fixed scrawny meshes for Slof's BONERS! squished, semi-hard, and hard included.

boner example made by Max:

Slof's boners for the scrawny body can be also grabbed here, as a part of the big clothing conversion mod: http://www.maxheartflan.com/2013/04/dressed2obsess.html

i have some lame screens i guess i could add in here too. no posed screens, just pics i've taken during adventuring and doing quests.

well that's it for today. at least i posted something, right? haha :)

xoxo flan


  1. hey good looking rufio you ve got there Dustinbaby. also, be careful with the followers in oblivion planes, you can lose me forever !1
    gotta update too. i've been playing in cs with some of them housies, to make them more likeable to my taste.

    1. i think i might have lost Babs when i was closing one of the gates a while back, that's why i havent posted screens of him lately. he just dissapeared lol. but this morning i cloned a new babs because i missed him so. and speaking of houses, have you checked out stroti's house meshes? they're pretty nice.

  2. Did you upload one day your football jacket and your chloe conversion ??