max's albino race wip

introducing my wip race, it comes in two variations, albino catatonic and albino autopsied. the autopsied one is also an attempt to recreate my dead-and-gone DA2 character Lux in Oblivion. Well, not really... because I like the look of this race much much better.

No upload today XD just some promo pictures of what I've been working on all day. Just thought I could make more images to come with the race when/if I decide to share. Also, boasting of the lovely housies, and clothing from my baby's valentine set <333
the Albino catatonic is more fantasy-ish and pleasantly looking variation, he's got a nice skin design.. at least, while making this, i was gonna end up with something dreamy. Just wanted to say again, I truly L 0 V 3 these gummy eyes. And the hair Dustin! <333
the Albino autopsied, infact, looks like he's been autopsied. His face looks a bit sick. I'm very satisfied how his skin turned out (may prolly change in future tho)
Looking so good! A dressed up boy;
yup this room is the ex-armoury in that old vampire haven mod. i made it look way better than the original one, didnt I XD there's a dead tree in the room, and waterfalls!
a close-up of his face. i found some nice fangs in my characters/flan folder
huh, goodnite baby!


  1. Ahhh these races look absolutely fantastic!! i really hope you plan to share, i would love to have these in my game. also, glad you enjoyed the clothes and such! i'm working on a new version of the gummy eyes that will be more like the original ones instead of the ones i posted in my last update, i hope you'll find them satisfactory. btw, love the piercings!!

    1. thank you dear. you'll get this race in any way. but why are you not content with the v1 gummy eyes i'm using? aren't they nice in your opinion? i think these are one of your best, although most of the eyes made by you are fantastically beautiful, not to mention that they look so special to me, i can always tell the eyes or the skin made by you on someonelse's character. i enjoy your work so muchhh!

    2. it really means a lot to me to have you strongly support my work max :) and idk, i thought the ver1 gummy eyes were a little more sloppy than my usual eyes. but ive made a new version, idk if they'll be to your liking as much.

    3. i think i just love the dilated pupils, always looking so sexy ;]

  2. haha i asked my friend the other day on the phone if he thought dialated pupils were sexy, and he acted like i was a wierdo XD they definitely are sexy though, as far as i'm concerned.