a valentines day set, from me to you.

he was sitting there by the fire for hours staring into darkness, until i revealed my presence by approaching him. the next moment he's knocking me down to the bed, curling his cold hands round my neck, without saying a word. his stare still blank and lost.

he's all deception, and is not even pretty, my sweet boy. but i get hard instantly whenever i think of what's there in him. where does this heat come from? his body is so cold on the outside. his fingers are sliding up and down along my swollen red cock. his sudden gentleness shatters me even more.
why don't you just shut the fuck up before i beat you into unconsciousness? my affection for him is not what one would call tender. i don't live like in heaven beside him, drowning in all kinds of lust every moment and getting relief oh so short while being away from him. shiversss!
oh this sadistic mind is well aware how violently i ache beside him, being totally devoured by the feel of him too close, the delicious blood pumping so fast through the veins, beating in unison with mine. soon mah boy, i'mma tear you apart, i exhaled into his mouth.
he pulls himself away to gasp for breath, his hands fisted in front of my thorax. i won't let him go that easy unless i break him, my fingers squeezing the scrawny buttocks. the naughty pictures of me sucking him over are rendering in my head, makin me drool with hunger.
here we go! i caught his scorching gaze, then licked my lips to stop the salivation. my throbbing cock is nearly exploding, and so is his, our favorite part ahead. oh you fuck me alreadyy, he's whining softly, rolling on the bed and rubbing himself hard with his battered fingers. and i do what he has told me to, ofcourse.
i sometimes switch roles with you to get on your place, to get back at myself for the pain i usually bring you, because i care for you too much. while fucking with you, i always feel like i were still alive, and i miss that state sometime a lot. isn't it wierd, i definitely feel for you, isn't it love?? could you tell, Max baby? i don't quite remember, but I think i love you Max. i love being beside you forever.


  1. these pictures are showing off the new boners, one can grab them in the previous Dustin's post! love them! i hope you like it Dustin.

  2. WOW! well this makes me feel much better about my being sick on valentines day and the rest of the week, you have made me a wonderful valentine! very sexy, i do love this max ;)

    1. awh lol i'm glad you like the story. i made you declare your love to me in the end XD sweet, isnt it.