awh, this is a blue set of pics... also, i shouldn't post spoilers on the other sites I guess XD the title image is depicting us in Skyrim. haha just look out the window.
post updated with a portrait of Jodie. look at her. 

 Max's portrait i haven't posted here yet. but i like how he's disguising himself among the flowrs. all ready to prick ya. and drain. yes.

And there are some sweet faces
you taste like a pomegranate,
makin faces at me
code red - bloodlust
hey you should know you've forgotten to...
... to put your pants on
haha no way! this is just your wet dream baby.
all for tonight! goodnight!

awhh i forgot about this portrait of Jodie with her winterish makeup variation


  1. i love this set so much!! the one where you're trying to kiss me, haha too cute! and i do have dreams about forgetting to put my pants on... but usually i have boxer briefs on haha.

  2. i'm trying to bite you on that pic ^_^
    i recently put on diffrent boots, one black and one brown, i've been in a hurry ;]

  3. haha well i hope you caught that wardrobe error before you left the flat! that would be so embarassing..

  4. no it wasnt, who cares lol.i'm up again %)