adopt some models?

Gill and Toren are the prettiest male models made by Dustin.
Gill is blond, and Toren has a dark hair.

 U P D A T E D    T O R E N    F I L E
They're my current player characters, because I love them both, especially mah wretched Gill. One can have them in their game as CM partners, or play as them just like me. I made new normals for the boys for my own usage first, then i decided to share. Finally the mod was reuploaded for everyone's convenience.

For Fergus as Toren mod look here

Some new screen shots showing off the... skin normal maps i guess. this is how Gill and Toren look in my game.
 The boys swimming in the lake Poppad
Underwater shot, hey don't hurt him Toren!
Going drunk and gaga in the Dark Fissure cave. Dat Cyrodilic brandy ahha. Idk why my boys only drink brandy, i never liked it myself.
Settling in for the night at Amen'thalas well. Ahh so pretty! This one is my favourite picture of the boys. Omai how i wish you baby saw it. i wish you were here.
 just a fragment of Gills body... i have a thing for the light body hair and generally blond men. i doubt if anyone's interested in this, though.
Gill and Toren now come dressed up in a vanilla clothing, and with their original hairs. The boys reside at the Lonely Suitors Lodge, Bravil.
Requirement for the CM Companions: CM Partners.esm, CM Partners.esp from here
Robert's male body ver. 5.2.


Toren comes with a new hair by: Darkosims

Yea I know some of you guys may continue with throwing rays of diarrhea at me after visiting that tumblr with so many heavenly hairs, since I only converted this hair and left all the rest where they were. C'est la vie n'est ce pas. I make these conversions for myself on the first place.


  1. awh, i've been dreaming of having some more of your beautiful faces. i think i have said this already. anyway i'm gonna try the boys on monday. they look perfect. i'll dress them up in the doll skins thats for sure.

  2. thank you max, these are my favorite models atm. besides for the main boys, of course ;) i thought you'd like gill especially.

  3. HoneyVanityMarch 25, 2012

    Gill is adorable. Might have to snatch him up. He's very..."boy next door" looking.

    Toren is very handsome too of course!

  4. hey i'm playing as toren right now,having gilles as companion:3haha so sweet baby.their skins look almst real.expect pictures too.also I sorted out the clutter mess i'd had.i changed my house a bit,,gonna go on with cluttering it up soon.

  5. Ah what a wonderful gift! They look so cute! Thank you so much for sharing your models with us.
    If I have choose maybe my favourite is Toren, I like his thick eyebrows.

  6. thank you, all of you! i love these guys, i thought you would too. i've been using gill a lot as a model for a lot of my new stuff.

  7. thank you very much max, for the beautiful new pics of these boys! i have not taken many. you are the best.

  8. it's you who is the best ever.i love every piece created by you.

  9. Adore theem thank you so much :3 http://oi57.tinypic.com/33wmil4.jpg