Babs and Damien's set ahead! There weren't any for a while y'know xd Babs is my little hero! i finished the main quest for the first time as Babs. Doesn't he look sweet.

 Babs is a little upset on this picture, though. He's just back from Bruma all impressed by his new statue, you know XD

Sitting by the fire in comfort, Damien's showing his striped manhood lol
visiting the former boyfriends one night
and no, I didn't drink your brandy. No waaaay!
Beautiful Damien!
and this is something Max would like to have. A bloody stone! Ah I haven't peeped at Max for so so long.
ohh the naughty kiwi Xd lifting his tail.
and afterglow.
I hope you like my set Dustin! hope you'll watch it today.


  1. AHH i love this set dear! i love how you depict babs and damien, you shoot them so much better than i do. the second pic from the bottom is my favoriiitttee!! <3

  2. I think you shoot them just as good as i do! i wish you posted your screens here. although there'd be no harm done if I post my favourite pictures of yours here, kay?

  3. i'm about to post my first actual screen set, max. see? i do post my screens! haha. you'll like these new screens better than my old ones, they're much better ;)

  4. i'm proud of your talent baby:)you're so getting better at screen shooting.i love our blog so much because you post here.