Doll Eyes

today i have escaped my imprisonment at home. i've been going really crazy by myself, it's only been 15 days but it feels like a year. it's good to see that the blog is getting some attention from people other than max and myself, that makes me happy :)

i have 2 sets of eyes for you today, i call them 'Doll Eyes' because they look like such.
here's a silly promo shot.

Our beautiful Maxim showing off the Doll Eyes


  1. Aww these eyes look alluring! And I'm pretty sure you made such big pupils just to make me happy! <3

    yeah, always link back to this blog, and you'll get more attention I guess, for everybody loves you, baby.

  2. You like big pupils Max? Why is that? I like colored pupils instead.

    I have downloaded this set, looks pretty neat. I can't use it until I have converted it to elaborate eye type, though.

  3. Aww yea I like such dilated pupils Peter. currently, these remind me of a concussion.

  4. lol max XD yes, i made the big pupils because i know how you like them. i like dialated pupils also, of course.
    room207, now i know your name! i've been referring to you as room207 for ever XD thank you for the beautiful new hair conversions, max and flan look so good in the new hair!