hey look, it's flan's real picture set, depicting max and flan in my new house!
+ 3 pics of babs and damien for dessert ;)


1- here's max and flan doing some quick studying, they need to summon a demon i think.

2 - ahhh i love these new hairs on the boys, they look so great don't they?

3 - max is hungry for something in particular... blacksmith ;)

4 - think about it, max

5 - turn out the liiiiights ;O

6 - always sleeping.

7 - max about to poke flan to wake him up.


ahhh babs and damien, i never thought you'd be so cute together <3

and that's all folks!



  1. I like every single picture in this set. My favorite is the first one though, where Max and Flan are learning how to summon a demon.

  2. awwh this is so good!such a beautiful set sweetheart!i have to have a bit of sleep rite now.but I have an nice idea about pandas body twisting in my mind.i shall tell u.

  3. So much love and affection in these shots... You have excellent taste in matching colors and blur in photoediting. Fantastic.

  4. Lol "FUCK YOU" ><
    Will you upload your chloe tee and the baseball ??

  5. baby I just cant get this set out of my mind.it is so sweet!i'm looking at this again and again.once i'm done with my new set i'll fix the groundfloor.
    @adinio I guess for releasing the clothes,a permission from room207 is needed.idk whos the author of the chloe set.anyway,all things dustin would want to release will be released here.