what tiiiiime is it???

it's ADVENTURE TIME!! haha i know it's really childish, but i can't get enough of that show. have you watched it?
anyways, you may notice that these pictures are much smaller than usual for me. this is because i switched my resolution from 1280x800 to 800x600. my computer was just being too slow, it made playing oblivion painfully sluggish. but my game is much faster now, and taking SS is much easier and more fun now that it doesn't take so much patience (of which i have little). Also, since they're smaller, it's easier get a better result when i photoshop them.

here's Max telling Flan they need to go on an adventure. haha i painted Max's hair a little strangely here, sorry XD
"i'm gonna straighten my hair, Flan, so you don't have to paint it so much later."

here they are still in their pajamas, after doing their princess-getting-ready routine. hah.

max is looking sad, because his hair has suddenly grown a few inches.
"aww but Max, it's cute like this!"

here they are at the wal-mart photo studio (or so it seems, right?) getting some cheap pics taken after max cut his hair.

and at the end of the day, they're watching the sunset sitting on the porch at the haunted house in Anvil. now it's time to kill some innocents, because they taste the best :)

Damien was jealous he didnt get his picture taken today. So he dragged Babs along to be photographed. Babs wasnt happy, he's been self-conscious about his face lately. he's contemplating plastic surgery.

lastly, here's a preview of some new skin max is playtesting for me right now. will be released soon, and afterwards the jelly angel skins will be released too.

and now, let me rant a moment. THE HEAD06 MODELS ROBERT RELEASED ARE SO FUCKING BEUATIFUL. i sincerely hope that he releases more, because the 3 he released are the best ever. SERIOUSLY. they make my oblivion game look like... hell. a heavenly version of hell. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, i really should not be writing right now, but really... Robert, you are a god. i love you.


  1. I don't know this Adventure Time, probably it's not being shown here, let me do a quick search...
    I was wrong, it's been aired in Italy since January 8th, 2011.

    My pc is slow on 1280x800, too, so I only use that resolution to take screenshots. Even at 80x600 your pics are gret, though.

  2. thank you peter! you should watch this 'adventure time' though, it's great entertainment.

  3. I am cute!pull my hair and cast me down lol.i gotta say though,i had straightened my hair once irl,such a useless money waste.although you have remade that victim skin,imma send you everything tonight.i am nearly asleep now.i got a habit of reading our blog via phone while being in bed falling asleep.please visit me tonight.the third picture is my favourite ever!although I cant set it as a wallpaper on the laptop,i maybe should try to download it on the phone.

  4. didn't you forget to upload the 6th pic?about babs and damien.i think there should be one.sweetheart.

  5. yes, you are very adorable max ;) haha what did your hair do when you straightened it? i straighten mine every day, because i have sort of wavy hair, and it makes my hair perfect. a lot of times people with very curly hair have trouble with t=straighteners though haha. thank you for reminding me to add the 6th pic! lol i totally forgot. i love this pic of babs and damien though.

  6. lol I looked somewhat alike max with the maniacs 41 hair i'm still keeping on him.thats when I had dressed up like a nazi on halloween 2010.

  7. I miss you.i just woke up to write this!hahh.anyway.i noticed that babs and flan look very alike on your screens.just like hypostasis of a one person.wonder if I am/max is a reflection of you as well,in my mind.

  8. haha max, i am definitely not babs. i'm more like damien than babs. but i am simply dustin, i think. i love that you woke up to write this, i miss you too.

  9. and me, i feel so alienated.thats why i take the brainful of our imaginaryfriends with me.everyone who's around just doesnt make sense.just me, and me, and you.i think i had dreamed of you before i wrote the previous comment.
    well its nearly 12 pm now.he hs left me in this cafe, said he ll be back in an hour.i look at the window and see the car arrived,but im still here by myself.we re on our way to airport.i cant axcess my mail from the phone lol.i made a new set also.

    1. yeah picture set, ill be trying to post it if i have a couple hours of time lol.