where are we going

The question in the title is just a title of the first put picture, nothing more. And the answer is - We are going nowhere, and we started from HERE. Sorry I've been putting this set together for sooo long. You probably won't be visiting me here for some more time till the end of the month. But I'm all anticipation, I can't wait till you see this baby.

 'Down to fuck, mister sore face' I love his face. This is the current version of Flan's face. My baby is hungry, I gotta feed him.
'When you see me again, this won't be me. This will be you'. Because I'll switch again,yknow. This is the lesser room in Flan's lovely house, which is truly lovely. but this is a really old image, back from january. I regret I haven't made more pics then, in this house.
I called this one 'An Accidental Touch'. It is showing Max's pangs of love for the blond boy.
Heyoo baby don't you think this is strange - noone's been spying on us for quite long. Everybody's gone. And, honastly, this is makin me happy.
The boys changed their hair ;] To my taste, the very first hairs suit them best, but the second, and the third hair change fit for them too. Me has curls no more though.. which is not quite 'lore' lmao. 
Sitting quietly at the window, waiting for the night to come. See, when once i have reverted to the previous slave eyes, I then got their updated version from you the next day! How can you be so amazing i wonder?
0_o Max is trying to warm his ass near the cozy fireplace, striking an enticing pose for you <333
Aaaaaand, the best house mod is showed on my last picture! Of course this is you Dustin, who makes the most lovely homes for us. Baby I'm trying out your new Cluttered house! I made a few pictures only, so far. I'll tell you why. And the new sexy clothes are my favourite from now on! the black silky boxer briefs are making me drool over my keyborrd. I made an ikon portrait of you. Hope you like your look on this picture as much as i do.
What i've done next, I tried the dark victim skin on... Max lol. Can you tell this is me? Help me I'm in hell !!! i wish you were there with me. Anyway, this skin looks good on Max. As opposed to the warm and silk Lemure's skin, this dark skin looks so nicely mate and with a cold blue ish tone. I love the lack of eyebrows too. I love everything about this one, and see no flaws. I only could resize the face for you, if you want.
the end <333


  1. There's no path to follow prepared in front of us...

    In all these years I'm not yet used to the beauty of your pictures.

  2. max, max, max, this set makes me so happy. these pics are your best yet i think, so fucking beautiful. i'm glad you've posted the 'who are you' pic, as it was one of my favorites ever... and max looks very good indeed in the dark victim skin!

  3. heybaby, i'm uploading a package for you atm. hopefully you'll wait up for this. fck if i get caught by doing this i'll have to cancel ofc.

  4. i'll wait for you of course :) i wonder who is going to catch you, sounds creepy lol.

  5. neon clowns on the nazi car!! lol
    well im kinda busy by weekends yknow.

  6. oh and check ur mail plz

  7. wow, that does sound pretty scary. i wouldnt want to get caught by them either.