drow race and companion

Haha! This is a present for yall on friday 13th. The drow! I remember someone requested the drow elf. I was hoarding these beautiful Dustin's drow textures on my hdd for a hundred years actually. And since I got a esp from him finally, I thought, why not to share.

Whaaat! My tester boy thinks just the same.
Besides showing off the race, these screen shots are showing to my baby the result of my slooooow process of decorating the Clutter House. This is the second bathroom, I surely have showed the first one to you! I mean Dustin.
Hellow there sweetface! His name is Morvus. He can be yours as a partner, and he surely can be yous too.
REQUIRED FILES for this mod to work:
Oblivion Patch
Robert's male body ver5.2 scrawny, Robert's female 1.3.
UOP or Custom Race Fixes 

For using the companion, Shivering Isles are needed
Morvus showing off his lovely black skin. His soul is definitely just as black as his penis. Haha well
Clutter, clutter, nothing but the drow among the clutter
Mah late granny is there, in the fireplace
Finally, the special occasion eyes - super aroused!
The race and the companion got different basic faces.
The drow companion Morvus is located in A Warlock's Luck shop, Bravil.

Well, this is not the most informative description ever. But I am so sleepy. :( For more information, there's a readme inside the mod folder. Reading the readme is required for this mod to work.

Alsoooo, notice that we have the terms of use! This particular mod is not a resource and can not be used as one. For the credit list, refer to the included readme.

This mod is not a resource or base for anyone else's creations.
The mod stays here, @ maxheartflan.com.

Feel free to send us pictures of your characters you've made, it is always appreciated a lot.



  1. My eyes almost fell out on the floor. I am a fanatic of the dark elves, drows and any dark-evil-bad-mad-cruel characters and I just fell in love in this race. Totally awesome. I'm also pretty damn happy with this companion, as I simply can not do pretty male face in Oblivon. Thank you veeeeery much for this, you are a Oblivion-modding hero =)

  2. ahh yw!i think dustin will be happy to read it.also I think all of our boys are bad,mad and full of hate,no matter what colour their skin is.this is like a brand they wear eternally.our beloved children in satan.ohh lol and the beautiful morvus the drow would be just happy if your boy pc wants to do his face :0

  3. Wow, I've seen other drow races out there but this one is far better than any! The body texture is just awesome! Very neat!

  4. thank you max, for sharing this guy! i'm sure you've been itching to get these drow textures out there too, i am so bad at uploading my stuff for the public. you've done an amazing job with the new rooms in the clutter house, looks so good!!

  5. Those pj's just kill me!

    I decided I had better bookmark this site since you keep coming out with good ones.

    Appreciate the work.


  6. Thank you SO much for posting all of your beautiful races, you've made my game so much more enjoyable!

    I really appreciated all your hard work!
    i can't wait to see what you come up with next *-*

  7. Thanks again! Loving your work. Especially them Troll Face PJs in the first shot. XD Nice!

    1. The next thing we're going to release, will be some clothing for boys (and a little for robert's girls too), including these pjs. (not sure about the trolly one though, was going to remove it due to noticeable trollhead distortions.)