Yeah! A new sexy SS set I made for my baby! This one is showing off the beautiful boys Gill and Toren shared by Dustin right here! The previous SS I had posted there, were not very good -- this set is much better. Have you ever seen these boys on someone else's screen shots, anyone? I'd like to see. Not that it matters though. I think noone could love these boys more than me! And shoot them better. No way. As well as noone could ever make a better Oblivion race than Dustin baby.
You said I would have loved this boy Gill, and this is true! I made him a blondie, see! I love him. I've been thinking of writing a small story about him, but I couldnt. And I cant do it right now, I'm sorry. The pictures themselves are pretty clear though. And they're also very NSFW.

 Toren's eyes! You asked me if they were beautiful to me. I love how they look unnaturally shiny and hectic. Seems like someone is aroused. Gotta shove him into this blondie guy Gill. Immediately. Notice Gill's blush. He just knows what is about to happen, without looking into the other man's feverish eyes.

How sad. It was just a one night stand.
Or did i dream of you.


  1. ah max! so many sexy screens! i love how you've done them, nobody else can do it like you baby :) ahhh i love these guys even more now.

    1. Thank you lovey <33 these ones have been distracting you during work, havent they. Look how I made this set, did you notice?! The last picture was taken on my laptop, with that ambient occlusion thingie on. And all of the rest of pics are from another comp, they got hdr because i see no ao in the amd card settings. Isnt the last picture looks more real? And all the others look like a dream, but with faces. I love this hair on Gill, not very stylish, but he looks so sweet wearing this..