pale victim race and companions

  Pale Victim Skin RMF
by dustinflan
Are you a sadist? Do you like pale, lifeless, sliced-up flesh? If you answered yes, then you'll like these skins i think. Whoever wears this skin takes on the appearance of someone who's been attacked by vicious animals, or knives. I've made Pale Victim skin in honor of my dear Max, because i know how much he enjoys shredded pale boys ;)

1. Name: Pale Victim race and companion mod for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Dustin Flan + Maxim K.
Version: 1.2
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

2. Installation
Drag and drop the DATA folder onto your ingame DATA folder, merge the folders if prompted,
activate the esp in your mod manager of choice.

3.  Features
Here is the playable race and companion mod, that use Robert's male and female bodies.

For boys and girls, 12 Skysims hairs (originally marked as male ones, but they're mostly unisex, imo) converted by Max to Oblivion.
I've collected 9 of my eyes that fit the skin best, including black and blanc eyes, cat large eyes, and doll eyes.

Gill and Gillian are chilling out in Mara's chapel of Bruma.

These are very pale skins with no body hair, scarred in the most enjoyable way.

Gill holds a secret diary in his inventory. Read it. You'll be impressed.

Oblivion Patch
Shivering Isles
Robert's male (scrawny v5.2 variation used in the SS)
Robert's female
CM Partners esm and esp (INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD)

Our pale tester boy's name is Brian. He is showing up here assisted by Max. Max's interest in torturing the model has led to the unfortunate results. The picture series kinda illustrates the story that was written down in Gill's diary. Therefore we make up a conclusion Gill and Brian were the same person.
Max is obsessed by Brian's carotid staring closely at his neck
Max sucking his veins making Brian sexually aroused
Brian acting like a creeper, for he wants more of Max
But as we all know, Max belongs to Flan and never thinks of sharing feelings with anyone else
Max is dead and totally murdered
his clothes still keep his sweet scent
can you hear the requiem bell tolling
once again, Brian murdered Max; the second pic is more the black dahlia ish
t r y    t h i s   s k i n   o r    d i e
the Pale Victim body

Gill and Gillian in the shelter
Face detail.. isn't Dustin god?
don't you reveal our secrets.



  1. ahh I really enjoyed testing this race!dustin your brian is phantastic,this is true!do you want more screens of the jelly angels as well?or any other of your new races?

  2. Guys you two are awesome! This set of screenshots using the pale victim skin is creepy! Freddy's outfit fits in perfectly and makes it even more disturbing!

  3. haha thank you very much guys! max, yes i'd love more pics of anything from you. but the pics you sent me previously are the ones i will release in the public upload of them i think. they're so great. and you're so right peter, the freddy outfit is so perfect on this skin!

  4. dustin i decided to make some new pics for your jelly angels. because i forgot to put those adorable huge ears on them! now that i ve put them on, the race looks even better i think. so be patient! im planning on finishing this today.

  5. ah, i need to repair those ears... they look holey from the back, lol. i need to learn how to use the conformulator and give them the proper egm files too. those ears are cute though, right??

  6. The conformulator is very easy to use! Let's suppose you have an ears.nif file that you want to conformulate to a headhuman.nif (I usually use vanilla head even for Head06), you'll have to follow these steps:

    1) put head.nif, head.tri and head.egm in the same folder;
    2) open ears.nif in nifskope and then export it as ears.obj (File-->Eport-->Export.OBJ);
    3) now launch the conformulator and select head.tri as head file, and ears.obj as hair file;
    4)I always set the quality to "nearest face" and TRI file to "none";
    5)leave the rest unchanged and then press the "conformulate" button and VOILA', the final ears.egm is ready;
    6) put it where ears.nif goes and you're done.

  7. Here is picture of my pale victim character ^^ thanks you for making this lovely race!


    and of course thanks for house it's lovely too.

    t. Mike

    1. hey your welcome! hope you're having a good time hanging out in that house <3