flan screen shots

I can spend hours browsing through my huge folder of Dustin's works, I look at this every day when I'm home. So I looked through Dustin's screen shots to get some inspiration. And I thought, why should they be hidden in my laptop's hd. Thought our beautiful blog readers would definitely enjoy these, as much as I do.
Here's something for you today, a bunch of Dustin's screenshots that I like.
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My very best fave is this one, called "Moonlight stroll". I like it because the night setting suits so much our characters, myself I almost forgot they are vampires, who prefer going out at night, and never made such a simple yet beautiful picture. Me looks like imma burst with happiness, and Flan looks very proud of himself, because he likes pleasing Max, and he likes happy Max more than the sad and bitchy Max.

This picture is called Tick Tock, it looks like we are really heading neverland here, and you drive using your mental fingers!

As we walk down the deep forest, I suddenly turn around to get right into your sweet calming embrace. I want so much to feel safe and loved during moment's weakness.

This is one of my most favourite races by Flan, the burned Tiefling. The picture is so beautiful, it shows the very moment of this guy's getting burned by the huge radioactive Sun.

This one is showing the Oblivion lore situation - the rare thing one could see in this blog lol. But this is true for our characters, they enjoy adventuring in the dungeons and caves of Cyrodiil. Max and Flan are having some rest here, they look at each other and think about... private places!

Jodie's portrait! I might have mentioned this before, but for those who do not know, Jodie is Max and Flan's daughter, made of their flesh and genes. She is a murderous whore.

This is one of the best images of Babs and Damien together, made by my amazing Dustin. It is called "Let's take a bath, Babs!". Babs looks so sweet expressing the fear, he's still unsure, he thinks, what if he might have become a cause of Damiens possible od and death some day.

A picture Dustin had sent me a while ago, to show off his most recent textures for Max and Flan. The boys look fresh in these skins, as if their excessive daily beauty-sleep produced an effect. Flan is examining Max's big beautiful nose on this picture.

A picture of that schmexxxy Babs boy, definitely making people drool with hunger and want a piece.

 Ahh I love this picture! Here, on the contrary, me and you look like they havent had sleep for months! We moved into the new house, so we've been working hard, testing this new bed's breaking point, yknow!

A picture of Max and Flan's having a bath! There havent been any in a long while. This abandoned gloomy bathroom now is more suitable for torturing someone, but sometimes it is used according to its intended purpose.

Something acid. Fear and loathing in Cyrodiiiil! I really love the posing and our expressions in this one! Perfect.

Whuuuut! Go away you, Damien is telling us, kinda dropping a hint that today's exhibition of Dustin's screen shots is over.

I've got a lot more beautiful screen shots made by Dustin. Thinking of a part two entry.


  1. Beautiful pix. The 2nd one is so weird, I woild dare to say it's scary! Don't know why...

  2. showing off the new userpicture babies

  3. HoppyDustMay 24, 2012

    Strange. Here we have a couple of soulless bloodsuckers, scary looking lady who is a murderous whore, a young boy with horribly burned skin, crooked demon and drugged kiwi. Sounds pretty damn weird, and most of this shots are dark, grim and scary. They should be scary.
    So why I see so many beauty and love here? Something must be wrong with me. Or you guys are wizards.

    Amazig work, just amazing. Keep it up forever C:

    1. Dustin's work is always the best, its beauty should be seen by everyone, i think. thankyou for the nice comment <3 i love reading yours.