jelly angel race

Time for a long-awaited great release from Flan! The Jelly Angels race, descended upon you right from the promised land. WUT. I mean Hell, yo! Haven't you been told you'd certainly end up gettin there? I really can't wait! Until then, I'm enjoying this race, now you could, as well.

My adorable colourful tester models are named Jude and Jodie (yes! the very Jodie who is our only daughter, showing up whenever we need a female model) The Jelly Angel race supports sexual dimorphism, there are male and female species, hurrr.
As always, the race requires Robert's male v5.2 and Robert's female bodies. The male angel looks better with the scrawny variation of Robert's 5.2 body. And yes, do install Robert's female body before trying this race on your girlie please. Otherwise her nicely painted Jelly Angel skin would look all fucked up.
Another romantic moment between them, their late evening stroll in the beautiful garden.. of Hell! Haha kidding, these are Shivering isles. I like them lol. Jude looks shy, he's got no idea how to entertain a girl during the evening stroll on Shivering isles.
Bang bang ur dead! Playing cops and robbers freaked out on acid, this is how. Jelly Angel skin is nicely toned in pink or  blue, with intricate white and yellow ish spots looking like acid jizz, all over the body.
The next thing to do, is taking Jodie home to examine the teeth. Jude's got the right teeth, the razorblade sharp ones.
Aaaw don't they look happy hippies, being apparently in lvoe with each other's teeth. ears. tears.
The two proudly showing Dustin's perfect skin work.
Jodie thinks she'd definitely gonna bed that guy after the shooting session is over but
looks like he prefers shrooms to girls.. Nananaaa
Magic shrooms are pretty good this year, she said in a slow voice, all dreamy lovey dovey. And whaaat about reverting to our race description after these little Angels have showed all their toxic pluck to you, mr. stranger.

The Jelly Angel race is packed with 9 Flan's Underdark v2 eyes
Also, 4 basic hairs. Hint: under the label 'hair' one can find a ton of new hairs converted by Max - right in this blog.


credit list:

Dustin Flan - the body and face textures and eyes
Max - some tweaking here and there, writing this readme and screeen shots... .i dont remember what exactly i've done to those poor Jelly Angels. but it works. i s-w-e-a-r. if not, LET ME KNOW, KAY??
Robert - head06 modified
Throttlekitty - head06 original
Astymma - fixed head 06 .tri file
Dante90 - ears
Anto, Lucha - hair
Cazy, ziitch - hair
Q-ta - hair
Ephemera - hair texture
Scanti - merged teeth and mouth


Any feedback is forever appreciated in this blog. Just so yknow. thanx.


  1. omg max these new pics are so delicious! i love your new Jude character, he looks very special. and i love the name. thank you for doing the hard parts for me, and thank you for posting them at last :D

    1. I think I could do this for you every time you ask. I enjoy posting your perfect work, these pictures are just for you <3

  2. What a lovely looking race! I must give it a try later.

    A couple of questions. Which pose packs do you use for your screenshots? Also, are you using a mod to get rid of the seam at the neck or are you photoshopping it out? I've tried quite a few of those mods that claim to remove discolouration at the seams, yet it still happens in my game (both vanilla and custom races).

    1. Thank you, hope you'll try it out some day because the race is worth it!

      I use the same pose packs as everyone else, found on those big popular sites related to game modding.

      About the mismatches between head and body, you have to reset your character's face in the race menu mode, right after you've chosen the race you're gonna play as. This tip works well with Flan's skins, put on Robert's male v5.2 and/or Robert's female v1.3 bodies.
      I cant say anything on vanilla or custom races made not by Flan, I really never used them.

  3. What a wonderful race! These textures are amazing! I like the sceenshots very much, the models are so cute! I love their skintone and I love that the boy's pink while the girl's blue. I generally don't like spiky ears but these are very nice. Well done, guys!

  4. HoppyDustMay 24, 2012

    Probably one of the most creative races in whole Modding-Oblivion career. Really. I have no idea how it came up with, but this is simply ingenious. I'm pretty sick of all those "another-sweet-cute-sexy-human-chick" races on Nexus and other modding sities. Soo i definetly make a Jelly chara, although I do not know can I take play it. They look so delicious. Gonna eat them.

    Thank you boys for this!