max and flan live

 Besides the 'me and my baby lovey' picture the entry contains my public vids featuring Max and Flan. Click 'more' for watching. Here's the link to our Oblivion youtube page; http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5HTJ1hy0K5k17P-XlJLlQ

these are for watching in hd.
any feedback is very much appreciated.

the 'crack 666' bitches vid. where's the crack you say? well, i found out it has just come to an end while making this.

the 'flan rocks' vid i made last year. this video is about Max and Flan exploring the Mafreseli location, having fun, murdering women and children too..


  1. Oh my! It's so nice to see them actually moving and... fighting! *__*

    1. thank you! <3 im sure they are so charming live! i'll be adding more to this post whenever i want to post something else of them vids.

  2. OMG this video is so amazing max!!! i love the ending haha, and the music you've used with it! downloaded!

  3. OMG... The music in the Crack Head 666 video is like a musical acid trip! Too awesome...