everytime you look at this, a part of me is dying

and i too fall apart every time i look at you.
at your features convulsed with grief.
red circles around your eyes, your body inflamed, your mouth sore.
we've been together for so long, in this underworld of dreams, haven't i only been pulling you down.
i do realize the only thing you can feel about me is hate.
i do realize i couldnt ever let you leave, my fingrs would just be dragging you deeper and deeper down. deeper and deeper down.
the only thing you can do for yourself,
is stay with me
is cut off my clutching hands, and set your self free.
next step, cut what's left into pieces and bury me all around the world.
the only right thing you could ever do in your un/life.
maybe, you should make yourself your own way, instead of staying here locked inside what we together had built, heaven? /hell?/ but.
i am wanting you and i'm hating myself even more now.
baby i won't make sense here without you.
touch me gently, as if we were lovers. remember. stay with me forever.
alleviate my pain, it's so much pain losing you.
i am a infection one should definitely get rid of asap. i  b r e a k lives, dead or alive, this is the only thing i am able to do, as i was created this way.
but this doesnt mean i won't feel pain being exorcised. stay with me.
a bad kind of pain without pleasure the strongest one could hardly stand.
it's okay, this serves me right.
i'm on my way to the angel of light, father of lies, nothing can stop me.
for i am my father's son, and i love the evil things he does
to me.
i am scared
until then stay with me, be mine. i love you.
he saidddd this andddddd sllowly passedd


  1. the sexiest post i have ever witnessed. omg these pictures are so well done Max, you have made us look so amazing. thank you so much for this beautiful set ;_;

    1. heyhey babyyy ive been missing you so much and found two more pictures for this set, you gotta look through this once again.., i there are 13 of them now.

  2. oh, and the new max nails look so much better! Thank you dear Dustin for fixing them! The last two pictures are old as dirt.. i think i've been making this set like, for two months or so. lazy fuck.

  3. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    ♂ + ♂ = ♥

  4. dustin did you notice?max has voiced those words finally.but it was too late.