shattered dreams lair

Shattered Dreams house mod is a small lair for two. It is furnished in a fancy pancy way, and it suits best a vampire/evil/undead character, like my and Dustin's characters. It has a beautiful lighting, for it was created for taking screenshots mostly. This is Max's first house mod, it is shared because there are no houses of this kind. In fact the mod contains gore, blood, explicit fiction piece, erotic images of gay guys. If this is not your cup of tea - I would highly appreciate if you won't download the mod. If you like what you see here - then of course you'd enjoy the mod.

 Version 1.0.

In their wanderings across Cyrodiil an adventurer person stumbles upon a tiny vampire lair, which in fact belongs to someone else. It seems to be abandoned and thus quite safe.
The house is all stuffed with creepy things. Along with luxurious furniture, there's gore on the floor, pieces of human flesh in the jars and skull bones skattered everywhere, a caged chyroptera staring silently from above. Gawd is it a witch house!!?? Who lived here? Apparently a monster. Pictures on the walls portray the ex inhabitants being involved in lusty and bitter sweet pastime. According to a journal found on the floor, the proprietor was a morbid vampire strongly attracted to a person of his own sex.
He suffered from his love like it was a cruel disease. Maybe it has brought him to the grave eventually. Or maybe he just ran away somewhere else and took his beloved one with him. Who knows. For now the house is empty, it looks like the boys left a moment ago. Aside from a little mess on the floor, the house looks comfortable and worth staying for a while... Hopefully it is not haunted! It IS haunted, by memories. It whispers stories you wouldn't want to know.

The mod requires Robert's MaleBodyReplacer v5.2, and Shivering isles.
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  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    Very athmospheric house! Full of details for what I see on the screens :D
    Thanks for location screen!

  2. Love this house! It's sexy, dark, and cute at the same time. How this is possible, I can't explain, but it is and this house is absolutely fantastic. I love the bloody message on the wall. Makes me smile inside. Yummy pain...

  3. Wretched fetcherNovember 07, 2014

    Thank you very much for this, guys. Top quality mod.

  4. Thank you guys :] This was my first attempt at making a house mod, hopefully I could release more of my house mods soon.