babs on vacation!

YESSSS. This summer, Babs visited lots of beautiful places together with Damien! you should look at this set! and i really like my new computer. there are 2 shots i've made first, on the old one. you should definitely tell.

cooking a spicy shrimp soup in Niben Bay
observing Shivering Isles by morning
cuddling near the Corbolo river
heading Ravenheart in the rain
spending the night at House 13, Main st., Ravenheart
leaving the Ravenheart village the next morning, both filled with sweet memories
goodbye Ravenheart! o_0
ahh well... how did they do it? did they ride a dragon? Babs does not remember either. the next picture is showing them travelling through Haven Bay
the boys bathing at Fallenleaf Everglade
Pell's Gate is near!
les contrevents on the windows look so welcoming
Babs drinking an evening coffee in a local tavern
the night is near! time to seek for a nice room to stay
heyoo, there's our friends' lair right over the bridge!
warming themselves at Shattered Dreams lair. too bad nobody's home. :[
where are you, Max and Flan? will we ever see you again?...


  1. My god! These screenies are so beautiful and... exotic! Wish I could screenshoot like you!!! Wish a new computer like yours as well, lol!

    1. hey i'm glad you think my screenies are beautiful <3 for this is true! your comments are always my favourite Peter. aww <333 i like very much your obge settings, and i wish you created more screenshots yourself. why do you ppl have to work? that was a rhetorical question haha

  2. Love these new pics of Damien and Babs! Good to see them out and about, exploring. They needed a good vacation.

    1. these are not quite new lol. but thank you so much baby, you're making me so happy, and i hope to shoot more for you, love.