flan's big beautiful eye set

Hellow. I've got a big package of 10 Flan's eye sets for today! Some of them are fantasy ish, some are human like, but i love them all. Hope you guys will enjoy them, too...
Oh. It's not like i really care would you enjoy them, or won't, i'm just speaking polite words. Words mean nothing. Did you know? Polite words hurt because you know they are untrue. Harsh words hurt because you know they are unfair. Even a tiny button can hurt being stuffed in your eye. Haha enough ranting. I just want to finish this post asap and go down drink a cup o coffee with this banana syrup.

Cat's Eyes v3
I'm sure you were envious of these beautiful eyes on Gill featured in the 'Imaginary Friend' post. Here they are! I've received these eyes from Dustin in may, they're named Cat's eyes v3. Eyes that glitter love the dark. These are prettyful fantasy eyes, with a normal map for added depth. They come in 8 flavors, juicy and rich as those tears i shed for him in silence.

 Gummy Eyes 222 and 318
The very first Gummy eyes made by Flan were released within my Albino race. Here's the third and fourth variations of these eyes. The second version has been released in the blog back in february, but they look different.
 My alter ego is still wearing those first gummy eyes. They suit me well, those hypnotic dark rainbows... infact, ive got a dark coloured eyes irl... i'm sure you never knew. The 318 Gummy eyes is the final variation, they look just similar to the original Gummy eyes.

Pearl Eyes
A set of iris-less (idk if such a word really exists haha) fantasy eyes looking like colored pearls, made by Flan. For once, there is an only one variation of these eyes. It consists of 8 prettyful colored pearls for your boy, monster or whatever. I'm using them for mah drow boy named Gauthier.

 Slave eyes Crystal, 310, and 310 high 
These are the eyes, back from march... because i like to travel back in those good old times when the weather was bitter cold and Dustin had to stay home making beautiful things for me, while i was beauty-sleeping at home. Oh no, how dare i lie lol! The Crystal Slave eyes are even older, back from january 2012, do you remember mah blog entry called 'Valentines Day', featuring 7 deadly pics and these eyes on Max and Flan??? do you, do you??? I'm sure you dont though. Maybe a pic of Flan will refresh your memory.

The 310 Slave Eyes remind me of a much older work of Dustin... The very first Slave eyes were my favorite for a very long time. Dustin made a red ish sclera for the first time then. Such depressive, cried out empty eyes. Like mine, wut. That's why Flan likes to wear them best.

Slave Eyes High are for gettin your boy drugged, to make him do anything you want. Just put one on your tongue haha. Just like the normal Slave 310 Eyes, these ones got bigger aroused pupils and bigger iris, and come in 9 juicy colors.

Underdark May Eyes
Ohh, these eyes are gorgeous!
Do you remember?- the earlier/very first version of Flan's Underdark eyes was put in my infamous Demonic race.. I heard someone was going to translate it, and never did... now after i've posted these terms of use, any translation is not allowed, ofc. coucou!
Anyway, these Underdark eyes are much better. just look at the juicy bump map! They come in 8 prettyfull colors.. All I wanna do is stuff them in my mouth. Flan's eyes are the most delish thing over the world. The model is my lemure character Dim.

Wither and Withered Human Eyes
The most recent package of 2 sets of the dreadful eyes for your zombieboy or whatever, made by Flan in august. My slaveboy Tate looks soo morbid wearing these eyes <333
Wither eyes got a colored sclera.
Withered human eyes are humanlike eyes with a normal white sclera, for the early stages of being a zombie.
You get 13 Withered eyes alltogether, and your triskaidekaphobia goes overboard makin you sweat, amirite.

That's enough! I think. Get all the 10 eye sets in a one neat package here:

And there are some more eyes left unreleased. I have to keep them for the next time. I've got a lot of things left to post in the blog.


  1. Макс, ты умница ))

  2. Wow so many eye sets! I'm very curious to try the withered human eyes! But all are beautiful! THank you Dustin for making and thank you Max for releasing these!!! ^_^

    P.S. that Blender Portable thing... I have updated it myself, you can find a new post on my blog. ;)

  3. Why is your text always so depressing?

  4. Love the promo pics you made for these eyes! Idk why you have released the ugly old gummy eyes tho x)

    1. Wut! They're not ugly. THEY're. Not. Ugly.
      :((( And since you pulled your cataract eyes on the n*xus i have to release them here, alone, or within a race pack. Just so you know :P
      I was going to remake the promo picture I've made for the Gummy eyes feat. jodie.. They need a better pic i think.

    2. I actually just reworked the old cataract eye texture, and gave it a nice normal map. I think it looks better. I'll send it to you soon.

    3. Oh hey, I didn't know, it's so good! <333 I'll be waiting love.

  5. Leto Atreides IISeptember 24, 2012

    Mmmmm I love your work Dustine. Mind if I use these for Fallout New Vegas?

    1. Please read the Terms of Use first