cataract eyes by flan

So, we have today the amazing new set of Cataract Eyes, made by my baby Dustin <3 it is so nice of him to share the things in this blog only, since.. yeah, you won't find these anywhere else any more.

And I decided to put up all of the screens Dustin was sending me lately. I thought there were enough of them to make a beautiful set.

 The first photo is titled 'Where is Babs'. Although i can't tell where he is exactly, he's looking really delish!
Here's Flan's afterthought portrait. He's got such a sultry gaze in this one. Hey sweetheart, what've you been thinking about? I wish it was me, although it was apparently about destroying temples.
This one is titled 'Past the Shell'. My baby is protecting me. He's still a little bit more human than me. How could I be safe without you?..
Babs and Damien in the Fair Deal. Standing and watching you, and liek, saying,- dont make us trade our pants for skooooma, better take these black seeds haha.
This one is titled 'A Tender Approach', and it is full of anticipation. don't you think? What would you do to me now, in the neon lights? I don't know, and you won't tell.
Babs and Damien, touching. Damien seems a little distracted though. They look sexy together. In my game, they're preparing to halloween right now, having lots of fun.
Officer... We didnt kill all those people. And no we didnt chop off their heads, and never drained them off blood. We were just walking by.
'Aww Damien', you say. It's been a while. 'Will you walk into my parlour?..' Ofcourse he will.
Flan has grown up since those times, he's of the same height as Damien now.
We have today. And no tomorrow. This is breaking us apart, still we have today.
His seed is sprouting up by leaps and bounds, and mine is withering on the vine.
 The last one is titled 'Hold Please', it makes my blood pressure get high. Why did you say that. I feel like dying now.

Oh.. the Cataract eyes. Here they are. I am sure you'd like them. 7 juicy flavours, crisp and clear as seven deadly sins. Or, as a halloween candy stuffed deep in Dustin's mouth.

The model from the picture preview is my albino Seannen. Do you remember him? Well, now you surely do.
The Albino race can be grabbed here: GRAB THE ALBINO

No matter what, we are together, always this way, in our own dimension.


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    1. My Albino race has 2 face piercings. I'm sure you'd like it.

    2. I would try that Albino race. It's look very cute<3