forest demon race 1.1 - updated

M O D   U P D A T E D   T O   1.1
A special Halloween post for you all. Have a treat from usss or fuckin die! Here's a beautiful race featuring an exclusive skin design and some brand new eyes freshly cooked by my dearest Flan <3 The race of Forest Demons! Forest Demon in fact is a spirit of a young man or woman previously tortured and dissolved in the woods, yet reborn with a new prettyful look and abilities to kill.

Name: Forest Demon race mod for TES IV Oblivion
Author: Dustin Flan
Version: 1.1
Source: maxheartflan.com
- 14 Kijiko hairs were added to the mod.
- The ear mesh was changed to that lop one made by Dustin
- Better merged mouth texture
- The gap between the butt and the tail was fixed.
I am a spirit of a hanged man in the woods. So long ago, I can't remember why did they do this to me.
If you happen to meet me in the woods, my face would be the last thing you see.
Feed our brethren - save the woods.
Help us survive - DIE.
Oblivion Patch
UOP or Custom Race Fixes
Robert's male 5.2 and Robert's female bodies.

WARNING: All the screenshots below are outdated. There are no such ears and hair any more in the mod. I have replaced them with my hair conversions and Dustin's ear mesh. The screenshots are kept for historical purposes. Also, these un-enb-fied screenshots give a much better estimate on Forest Demon's skin color. it's not that yellowish as my recent screens show off.
The race is male and female. And yet my game is all fucked up, I couldnt take shots of the female demon for you, as i dont have any fem. models at hand.. In fact shooting a Female Forest Demon was kinda not necessary, since they got just the same face as Forest Demon Males.
For more information on the mod, the readme has been written, and put inside the archive. Read it carefully. Be sure you've read the TERMS OF USE before downloading, as well.
My bright young model's name is Euchrid, obviously he is living in the forest! He likes to lure  people into the forest and kill them. Usually he would pretend he's lying somewhere dead. As soon as the victim approaches, he would suddenly thrust his sharp fangs deep into their throat! Yeehaw.
Imagine this- you just go through the forest and see a sexy foot hanging down from a tree, and you go wonder who would want to hang a pretty chick on the tree, and suddenly someone's attackin you from above thrusting sharp fangs deep into your throat. and before you die, you see- it's actually a boy.
Here's the Forest Demon eye chart! Some of these eyes make their debut in the blog today! But they're gonna be released as resources pretty soon, when I'm done with all of my current bigger projects. Have a creepy halloween dudes! Download the Forest Demon.



  1. Wow! Max, this is such an awesome race! The skin is so well detailed! Congratulations to you and Dustin, it looks gorgeous!

  2. You made these textures shine baby! beautiful shots too, of your pretty model ;) love the backstory. thanks for making this into an actual 'mod' dear, you do it like nobody else.

    1. ahh baby I'm so proud you let me do this. i hope i fixed my game,so i could make more yummies for you.

  3. Hi there! Me again (Janitaska) :).
    Lovely as always. The eyes, so haunting. He reminds me of a satyr. Narnia would have been so much more awesome with this guy in the scene. haha!

  4. The Races by Max heart Flan are the best for TES IV Oblivion character.