birthday flan

 Wow! Today's dec. 13 already. And this post is devoted to my baby Flan's birthday. Yes I am serious. Well, in fact his birthday was november 26. But I thought delaying it further would be too stupid on my part. So. Here we go. The post is about my birthday present for Flan - a player home. It started when Dustin created a beautiful boy a while ago. For some reason I thought he needed a home, so I made one for him. And for Max and Flan too, because they just love living in someone else's houses, secretly feeding on blood of proprietors. Okay, now to the pics. The header picture is named "Where is Max", and if you are a true fan of Max, it won't be hard to find him there. Haha.

Introducing the beautiful boy named Death. The house was named after him and after a Damien's Pool - the Deathpool. Isn't the Deathpool's proprietor a beauty? I think he is. Death is magnetic, 'cause he picks up all the people.
The Deathpool is a spacious one room studio. Here's our Sleeping area, for three persons. The third person has to lay down on the albino panther skin on the floor. And we see here a cat named Stara, and a favourite Max's teddybear, and a anti-homophobic painting- seeing it makes certain people dizzy (=disorientated).
Baby Flan posing near the picture he painted. My dear Flan has never posed on his own, always together with Max. As if these two have never gained some privacy, and the third parties, besides stalking were impertinent enough to take sexy photos of the boys. Maybe the author of all those shots was Max's imaginary friend though.
A fragment of the classy necroalter seen above, made of black marble, for sacrifices to Satan.
Flan in a posh clothing, showing out in front of the Lounge area. Here he's posing together with Stara, the magic cat of his. You prolly won't ever see how desperately she can fight. That's so much fun to watch.
The Lounge area. Cosy warm, and mysterious. There are paintings by Flan on the wall. The one to the left is named "Nobody's Home". The one to the right is named "Shock Touch". Obviously Stara likes attention, she's fond of being seen in all of the pictures.
Here is a chess game. I liked this game when I was a little child. Haha. Noone could ever tell this by now, right? Anyway. Here we can see a big plasma TV on the distant wall, and, partly, the ebony room dividers.
Ooh wait a minute! Flan's here, taking a bloody bath in the Bathing area. Delicious. Now you know his secret why does he look so full of beauty. It's the innocent blood.
Yes. The Bathing area is hidden behind the ebony room dividers. It consists of a vintage bath tub and a toilet. Max's favourite perfumery is here too. And, someone dropped the soap.
 A bloody handwriting on the distant wall. It's addressed to Flan, and it says,- "have a special birthday".
On the first bathing picture Flan looked so as if he was saying - join me in this lovely bathtub! This was of course Max whom Flan appealed to. And Flan never has to wait too long.
 The boys are nice and clean after bath. The thingie unseen before is "Inverted Cross" painting on the wall. For Max and Flan it's obviously just a couple of crossed sticks put together.
 Stara posing, under this nice moonlit window. She's a romantic kittie. And so we see again the Sleeping area in the distance.
 Ahh I just remembered-  these pics are not everything that was shot Max. You were a lazy boy this month, so you will be punished.
In a way
What if sexy Death will take you before you finished? He will do us asunder
I took these photos secretly while you were sleeping. Insomnia doesnt kill me any more but i wake up frequently through the night. and i feel so empty when your eyes are closed. i just have to do anything, do any thing just to get distracted...


  1. Belated happy birthday Flan! Great shots Max! :3

    1. Thank you. There will be another house that I am planning on share.

  2. This looks awesome! And is it just my imagination, or does Stara look like she's a seriously pissed off kitty? It's probably just my imagination, but either way it made me laugh, because my own cat has a major attitude.

    1. oh, that kitty can easily do a bear. she's a creature companion, usually is summoned to fight on Flan's side. after the enemy is defeated, she just walks away and doesnt follow us. the best companion, haha. Stara is an icon of Dustin's real life cat, just as Max and Flan are our own in-game icons.