everyone deserves love

Quite self explanatory, I think - the entry is devoted to the past valentines 2013. Our boys are always in love, supposedly happy, and normally spend holidays in horizontal boneR dance. This is a compilation of 13 works I made during january and february. With such amount of feasts and intoxication I lived through winter, I thought I'd never find time to upload the whole bunch :D

 I believe everyone's spent their valentines day doing whatever they love best.


  1. Such gorgeous pics ofc. Nice to see those prrtty new hairs on us. And Gill showing off his anemic skin. My favorite is the one with gill looking up from toren's neck wounds. Delicious. :)

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying the new hair, and my most recent posts :D you're making me happy baby.

  3. HOW!?

    What anims and stuff did you use to get those amazing images!?

    Looks absolutely incredible. You're probably one of the greatest modders of all time.

    1. ahh thank you, i'm just happy to know you like my things!
      i normally pose my boys via console, and i use the same pose balls everyone else normally uses (can be easily found @ global modding sites). why noone else is able to pose the personnages into couple shots just the way I do? idk honasly. i've seen a lot of nicely posed pair screen shots for skyrim, yet i could never, for the life of me, make my skyrim posing just as great. to each their own i guess.