flans eyes pt 2

Flan's Eyes part II. Here is the second part of our massive eye upload. First part is here. All the eyes in this package were painted by Flan during december, and january. Nine eyesets- lovely and peaceful like me laying quietly in our black wooden bed. The eyes are for the vanilla eye mesh, and as always, one has to put the eyes in game by themselves. Take them, run far away, and keep inside your hd. Or inside your heart, if you happen to have one.

 Dairanath the... uhm, the orphan is proudly presenting Alien eyes - 9 pairs of acid flashing eyes for your toxic alien boy.
Dim the Lemure is proudly presenting Babyfish eyes - 9 pairs of liquid eyes for your deep blue sea boy.
Monroe the Shaman is proudly presenting Chrome eyes - 11 pairs of futuristic eyes without or with rudimentary pupils for your artificially begotten boy.
Toren the Model is proudly presenting Cut eyes - 8 pairs of surgically cut cataractous eyes stained with blood, for your survivor boy.
Seannen the Albino is proudly presenting Frog eyes - 6 pairs of chemical eyes for your virtual reclusive boy.
Death the Model is proudly presenting Natural eyes - 9 pairs of human eyes for your almost alive warm skinned boy.
Gill the Model is proudly presenting Predator eyes - 9 pairs of lush flashy eyes for your bloodthirsty monster boy.
 Flan the Spider is proudly presenting Scarab eyes - 6 pairs of enticing hypnotic eyes for your fleshyhungrydark nightwalker boy (i believe you too have one haha).
 Maxim the Undead is proudly presenting Shattered eyes - 6 pairs of sore almost empty eyes for your depressive obsessive loser boy.


ahh. i gotta go and sleep a bit, i'm just dying, feeling so mellow. i love you baby, your eyes are the best eyes one could dream of. here's a nude pic for you.


  1. Wonderful eye's set, as always, Thank you very much for your work!

  2. Amazing! They are all so wonderful, but my personal favorite is the Scarab Eyes. So hypnotic. I wouldn't be supprised if his victims simply drown in his gaze. I'm supprised theres not alot of people here. Talent such as yours deserves much more regognition. Would you mind me asking, where and how did you learn such skills? Is there a collage or are you self taught? Either way, hats off to you!

    1. As the level of Dustin's talent is high above average, there are not so many people who possess artistic taste and are able to appreciate his mods. XD Spread the word on every tes related site you go, link to this blog- and there will be more recognition. We just dont have time to do this ourselves.

  3. Umm... My computer says the link is broken. Is it just me or....?

    1. I guess that was a downtime on mediafire due to upgrade. Try again, it works now.