carnal flowers

Maxim says: 'So, how do you feel about being surrounded by the precious things? Taken far away from your boyfriend, or whatever he was. The dreamy mondays spent together in our dollhouse. A daytime is such quiet time. Whether I cry myself to beauty sleep, or take a bath of milk and blood, or cuddle up to my lover, you keep watching me silently. So, you do feel horny. Feel fallen. Let it go, and take a bath, and then we...
Once there was another boy. I don't even care for what happened. Now there are me, and you, and him- my love that is. Not going to leave any more, ever. Plotting the sweetest slaughter of the most unwanted one out of the three. French kisses after the feeding. You do feel I don't love you'. 

Gill says: 'The air I breathe, is too viscid, too hot. I feel like I am fly-trapped here forever. The red guy from my nightmare is dreadfully real, his eyes are calling, whenever he looks up; murder me Brian, murder me Brian. That's not my name. But I must fixate on every second he spends near. As his hands slowly slide down my hips. As his tongue flutters on my naked skin, drawing convulsions upon my body. His fangs penetrate me so softly. He only drains life off of  me, tearing the petals. How can i help myself , being addicted to his rich fleshy scent. I just wish I never knew these boys.
He is slowly approaching, and I just... just... I can't...'.


  1. I just discovered your blog today, and dayum, everything is such perfect eye candy. *u*

    1. Ahh ! Nice to know you love the blog. The more fans we get the more mods we want to work on and share :]