skyhair for boys

Here, have my Skyhair to Oblivion conversions previously included in the Dreamer race mod, in a separate download. Now you can grab them and put on any race you like. The file contains 3 hairs originally made by Geonox and Apachii for Skyrim. No .esp for you.

Name: Skyhair for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Maxim K., original: Geonox + Apachii
Version: 1.0
Source: www.maxheartflan.com
1. Requirements
- Oblivion Patch
- Basic knowledge of Construction Set to put the hairs in the game. The hairs WON'T APPEAR IN GAME UNLESS YOU PUT THEM IN YOURSELF.

2. Recommended mods:
Robert's male body replacer v.5.2 - that's the body I use for all of my characters
Head06 + races by Max and Flan

3. Installation
Drag and drop the data folder onto your ingame data folder, merge the folders if prompted,
Open your favourite race in Construction Set, add the hairs to the hair list, and to the race's body data list, save.
Enter the game, and choose the new hair via showracemenu console command. Save and load while remaining in the race menu with the console opened, to avoid your characteristics being all fucked up. I think this is all you need to do.
Now to the visual demonstration pics, here are the newer ones i made.
Toren is spreading bad-assery all around wearing Skyhair.
Good news - I am pondering on releasing the Anemic Gill's skin in the renewed Gill companion mod. He will be a standalone companion, and he will ruin up your graphics card. jkay.
A freshly initiated vampire Gill is taking his bloody bath wearing Skyhair.
Oh, and who is that? That's a nameless John Doe character wearing Skyhair, and Flan's Dark Victim skin. Coming soon in two flavours, banana and pistachio. Does this make you drool with hunger? lol.
Flan mah baby is posing near the new angel light wearing Skyhair. I am absolutely happy because so many boys wear these hairs in Oblivion <333 If anyone's still haven't tried wearing Skyhairs in Oblivion, their character is prolly just not a guy.

This is all I have to say for tonight.

Credit: Apachii and Geonox for original hair mashes and textures.




  1. Saw it in nexus already, great! Wonderful hairs, thank you very much for sharing with us :)

  2. Thanks! I really like the one Flan is wearing, especially.

  3. I'm so glad you decide to make these hairs public. Boys really nead new hairstyles! Keep up the good work!

  4. There will be much more hairs. I have converted over 50 hairs by now.

  5. Wow! It's marvelous! Cannot wait to see it :)

    1. Well, you can see some previews on my pictures. Also, I take requests on ts2 to Ob. hair conversions, the only term is they should be quite freshly made, and not Peggy's plz.

  6. Thank you so much! I can't for others

  7. Skyhair in TES IV Oblivion! You never cease to amaze, Max and Flan.

  8. Not sure if anyone is gonna see this question, it's been years since any comments were made here, but, I don't know where else to check so.... I'll ask here and maybe get an answer! I'm wondering about that green gemmed armor that Toren is wearing in the pictures. It seems to resemble slof's male silverlight, but I don't recognize the retex, and I'd really like to find it if anyone can help me, it's the last piece of a puzzle I need for my cute trio of boys, I'm making my own sexy male versions of the magic knights from Magic Knight Rayearth.

    1. It's probably from this mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40378/?