slof's envy armour

One of the seven deadly sins, one of the most potent causes of downers and depression, Envy twines around our bodies as a barbed wire, making us unable to freely breath and live in harmony. The ruiner of human flesh, Envy makes us bathe in emotional pain, we have to hurt the others real bad to alleviate it for a little while. Thus we hand some select Envy over you! Haha. Envy comes in three colours- green, purple, and violet. Green as a gallblader, purple as a spleen, and red as a liver.
Just so you know, there isn't a single TES modding site without skimpy armour mods offered for download, and we're no exception. 

Envy armour by AlienSlof has always been one of my favourite armours for boys. It is sexy and morbid at the same time. And it is suitable for caudate boys. A while ago our dear friend AlienSlof kindly granted permission to share Dustin's conversion here in the blog. So you can have it for your boys too. Why should they walk naked, right?
 Our models James, Max, and Flan are showing us the armours inside Snus Dungeons, this is just what all the trendy Oblivion characters are doing right now - explore the dungeon mod of the year. As for our boys, they love adventures, they enjoy dungeon exploration thing, and they're absolutely happy because dungeons finally have become a lovely place for screenshooting.
Despite the armour being skimpy, it looks quite in keeping with the new look of caverns.
Max and Flan as always, can hardly take their eyes off of each other.
Some scenery for you all. Despite the main purpose of this session was the armour's representation, I could hardly resist.
 What a glorious sight. Just look at his cute little butt crinkles <3. I am sure your companion, no matter male or female, will truly appreciate you wearing this armour.

 M O D   D E S C R I P T I O N

 0. Name: Alien Slof's Envy armour conversion to Robert's scrawny body. TES IV Oblivion mod
Authors: Alien Slof, conversion by Dustin Flan
Version: 1.0
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

1. Requirements
Oblivion Patch
Robert's male 5.2 body, any variation.

2. Features
The mod adds a container to TestingHall, with 3 skimpy male armours made by Alien Slof. These are Envy Green, Envy Purple, and Envy Red armours. The armour should fit any body type that uses Robert's 5.2 texture. The armour will make your character look scrawny.

You need to contact AlienSlof and get her permission to alter, redistribute, or translate this mod. If she gives her permission, you are free to redistribute. In this case, plz notify me in comments, to avoid misunderstanding.



  1. I am amazed with your creations and beautiful shots. Thank you, getting more outfits is always nice.

  2. beautiful shots for sure. thank you max for sharing this and making the sexy screens, and alienslof for making the original meshes i fit to the scrawny body. hope y'all like.

  3. aw without you i could hardly wear this armour, so thank YOUUUU baby most of all <333 you're my dearest