incandescent lights

Some summer screenies to check out. Summer was such a busy and happy time for me :D Here's a compilation of images I was slowly making during summer. The post is divided into several subject parts:

'Face down' - Max and Flan spent a night in incandescent light,
'Purification' - our new boy James in his rich house filled with works of art,
'Hips' - James wearing a new cute hairstyle,
'Blk Silk' - Gill doing his model business wearing the swag armour,
'Dear Vampire' - assorted Max and Flan pictures taken during adventuring and at home.

'Face down'. As some of you have already noticed, I refurnished good old Shadowcrest Vineyard for Ddeath post. While Gill was dreaming of having fun with his imaginary friend in the guest bedroom, Max and Flan spent some sexy time in the master bedroom.

'Purification'. Our new boy James. First introduced in the Envy armour post where he was featured as a model. I know I am not being quite consecutive, but this very set was the first set featuring James I made after I got him in my game. James has become my third player character for this Ob. installation, besides Max and Gill. He is a shiny vampire and fierce lore breaker. The pictures on the walls are Dustin's digital art.

'Hips'. Some people know how i am fond of bw photography, so that i plop my filters on every photo i make and it sometimes looks in place, and sometimes it looks out of place, but who cares, right. I sometimes try the method on my screens as well. Here James is posing in a popular (i'd say, way too overrated) house mod, that I am going to re-furnish and (the most needed thing) re-illuminate for myself. James is wearing Ophiuchus armour by Room207, and he swapped skins with our poolboy ! Some parts of this skin are very old, made by Dustin back in year 2011. But I keep everything he ever gave me.

'Blk Silk'. These Gill shots were intended to show off my 'Gill as a GGC companion' project. The skin and the armour were meant to be included in that mod. However, I decided to put the project off, untill I get a decent feedback on my first GGC companion Ddeath. Myself I use Gill as a player character and not a partner, that's why I am absolutely uninterested in finishing this mod for nothing. See how feedback is vital?.. One can haz our basic Gill as a CM companion, and a pale victim companion though.

'Dear Vampire'. Finally, here's the most recent picture set about Max and Flan, what i was working on during last two weeks, aside from modding and writing the diary. Our main boys were slightly changed recently. I tweaked Max's face a little, and I tweaked Flan's face texture too. And my baby Dustin has made a new silky normal map for Max! I love me having a silky smooth skin like that. Raon13 and Soledad hairs are Max and Flan's iconic hairs. Also, the Deathpool, again. Besides this is the main house of our main boys, it has totally the best lighting ever.
Doesn't the posing fit well to our tasty Flan? He is like saying, in a low sultry tone, 'Soon mah boy, i'mma tear you apart'.


  1. Your one of the few Artists in Oblivion.

    1. thank you, i'm glad you like our art :]

  2. Hey guys! These screens look awesome. James is very prettiful. I was wondering if you could tell me how to add a link to this blog in mine, like you have at the bottom of yours. (Thanks for linking mine btw.) Love your stuff as always. Are you planning on releasing the Max and Flan's newest house in the screens. It looks fantastic. Love the bed.

    1. here's a brief tut on how to add a link list, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOYHwYcVTUo :D
      the house of max and flan is the good old deathpool that i presented to Dustin on his birthday last year. my baby has converted lots of the most excellent decoration for this house. i am really ashamed abt being so slow @ modding, and not being able to put up a one more house in spite of promises. i'll try to make a house for release and share it this or the next month. yet for now my first and foremost task is the release of Lapiz's hairpack :]

  3. so many beautiful screens released to the public eyes. yay :D
    i love the b&w pic of gill and his tongue.

  4. Hey could you make the these for skyrim? I really love your mods and wish to see more of them :D!!!