lapiz hair pack

This is the second part of Max's Hair Conversion Project for Boys. I have converted to Oblivion 8 gorgeous male hairs by Lapiz Lazuli, originally made for the Sims2. So far these hairs were converted in total- Ares, Blue, Djinn, Laplace, Leon, Malkavian, Nightsprings, Sahara.

Name: Lapiz Hair Pack for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Lapiz Lazuli + Maxim K.
Version: the latest
Source: www.maxheartflan.com
The boys enjoy wearing the new hairs more than anything else in the world. There's a lot of Gill in these pictures, in his favourite Leon do. He's the model for the hair chart, too.
2013.10.22 - Sahara hair's alpha fixed. Redownload, if you care. And yes, there is another hairdo by Lapiz that was converted since Lapiz Hair pack was up here, the beautiful Zombrex hair, but I won't share this one in the near future.

2014.06.21 - The hair installation manual added, the hair chart remade.

Recommended mods
Head06 + races by Max and Flan. Them races require Robert's male body replacer v.5.2.
The hairs were conformulated to fit Robert's heads06. Should work with any other head too.

Lapiz Lazuli @ lapizrazuli.blogspot.com - original meshes and textures
Room207 - alpha fix for the Malkavian hair and basically teaching me how to do this.

thanks to my baby Dustin for his love and loads of inspiration.
thanks to Lapiz, Room207, and to all our fans.

Lapiz hairpack stays here, as Lapiz only gave permissions to me to upload these hairs in my blog, that is maxheartflan.com. Please do not redistribute the hairs in your mods.
You have to add the hairs in your game yourself via Oblivion Construction Set, or you can use our races listed below.



About the models on the screenshots:
Toren can be downloaded here
James is NFR (not for release), but his skin is a part of our Naturals race
Gill (basic skin) can be downloaded here
Damien can be downloaded here
Squama skin was made specifically for Dairanath Avari companion mod, but haven't been included in that mod by the author. Well, that was their choice, the skin by Dustin obviously looks much better. We keep enjoying this skin in private :p


  1. ah these beautiful hairs can finally be downloaded by all...
    this is a proud day for you and me, because of the lack of cute hairs for males in oblivion.
    max did such a great job converting these, reshaping for the oblivion heads.
    i hope you all appreciate these as much as i do.


  2. Yes Dustin, we must all be proud of Max. I've been working wwith hairs for years and I know how painful and time consuming is reordering locks and fixing the transparency. I'm so glad that Max can do that in my place from now on. Males desperately need new hairs! :)

  3. And OMG James is SO HANDSOME!*-*

  4. Thanks guys! There will be more hairs uploaded soon.

  5. yes peter you are so right! i haven't even finished the lock reorder on a single hair yet, it's too complicated for me, so i have deep respect for you and max for mastering this technique.

    adinio, you flatter mr.james ; ) thank you<3