my violent heart

Today is a perfect day for a post, friday 13th. I'm putting up here some images that were originally excluded from my Companion Ddeath mod showcase. Why? Pretty simple, because they rather showcase something else. Too much love and obscenity in these pics. I thought of sharing them anyway tonight. Also, remember Gill's story posted in the Companion Ddeath post? So, the story is actually Gill's dream. Gill didn't leave the Deathpool. Hypnotized by Max he dreamed of a boy and sexy time, while Max was sucking his veins. In the very end Gill wakes up just to faint back into Neverland because of the blood loss. That fiction piece was so unclear, even Dustin wanted an explanation. Sorry for that baby. Lol. Thought everyone else would want a little explanation too.

I said, 'I was squeeeeezing myself so hard trying to drop you off of me
pouring the milkyways down on the bathroom floor.
for me, perhaps it would be better
to stay cold and barren as before.
would probably be better if it was never born in the cage of my thorax.

never strung veins on the hooked spine.
never grew them tiny tendons and tissue.

how could this happen? i swallowed so much seed.
my body writhing with desire -
ears, to learn your voice.
lips, to taste your skin under the shoulderblade.

how do you taste? i dream of bloodstained metal.

i dream of melting into you entirely.
my throat falling for your knife.

but I AM for disintegration into honey and mould. not for rebirth'.


  1. I've always been impressed by the way you can pose your characters, not to mention the lights you use and the unique environments. You can create a creepy and yet romantic atmosphere!!!
    I think you're the only one who can do that...

  2. yay the rest of the pics released!
    you're right peter, max is one of the only ones who can make such screens. bc he tries so very very hard.