dagon fel house

Does anyone remember my Dagon Fel house? Dagon Fel house was the first house I ever decorated, for the purpose of trying out the first set of Adele's furniture converted for me by Dustin. Nearly 2 years has passed since then, and we both have learned a lot, I have a lot more of cute furniture mostly given by Dustin. With this amount of the best clutter I enjoy furnishing homes for our beautiful boys to live in.

The modding material came from the Sheogorad mod, it was never finished and there were lots of empty houses and areas to remake and furnish. So I did. This week, so as to distract myself from the endless job of reordering the hairlocks for my upcoming hair mod, I made a fresh remake of my old Dagon Fel house, and I'm showing off this one for you here. Now the newer house is looking a lot more better (do compare), all filled with Dustin's latest conversions and mashups.
It's a simple yet pretty one room house for a daydreamer boy. The room consists of a lounge, a bedroom, and a bathroom areas.
Our baby James loves the Dagon Fel house a lot and lives here temporarily while his own house is being under construction. James is wearing the tanned skin from Flan's Naturals skin set.
The unusual graphic setting comes from the enb I was experimenting with. The warm brownish tones of this setting go well with the entire setting of the house but they mess up the skin and the hair in particular. Don't worry, I'll make a special set showing off Flan's Naturals skins. Chances are, they will be even shared sometime.
Have some nice Dagon Fel views, too. Our boys enjoy the solitude and tranquility this prettyful little island has to offer.
Goodnight sweet little James. I love youuuu <3


  1. It's a lovely house with so many little cute things in it. Thank you for this wonderful gift!

  2. Oh my! Can't help commenting on this! Very cool! Fantastic! Super-duper! *can't find words to describe her feelings*

  3. Ahh you're welcome <333 This makes me so happy when people like my work.

  4. So beautiful Max. I love it!

  5. holy death, this is soo beautiful. of course we remember the original Dagon Fel house the tieflings occupied years ago. it's looking so shiny and perfected now, you have such a talent with arranging the furniture and clutter, the lighting is heavenly as well. what a beautiful set. <3<3