lonely house

Here's a showcase of the house made by sweet Dustin for my b-day, which was back in summer, july 8th. I always wanted to show off the house, that is really pretty and got this Silent Hill resemblance that I love. Have you ever wished you could live in a place like Silent Hill? Our digital boyfriends are already there. The house is double-dimensional, consisting of two different spaces, one is for Max, and another one is for Flan. The two homes are connected with a door, it is broken just like an average Silent Hill door, and doesn't work properly. We can't walk past the door to visit each other.

That's Max's house, and we watch Gill being locked inside. Congrats to Gill, he was strong enough to complete the first level of Hell which was the lusty Deathpool. Then Gill was taken to the higher (or lower?) level, the second one, the Lonely house that is. Let's see if he could survive here, put in a solitary confinement for months and years. A young and beautiful man full of unrequited love and confusing desires.
Is he still in love with Max? Does he still crave for Ddeath? The only thing he knows for sure - noone cares about him here. He's left abandoned by the world. His beauty is being wasted dissolving in the viscid loneliness.

Now, what is happening in Flan's dimension of the house? Is there anybody home? Somebody?
Have you noticed the only book on the endtable near the bed? It's a house bible written by Max. It says:
'In these two homes we're not bounded by time and space. It's the same plane for us. I write in this book, and it shows up in the both homes at the same time. No matter how strange it may sound. We're not lonely, and shall never be'.
It looks like Max and Flan just left a loophole for themselves, to cheat the house they have created themselves. The house couldn't separate them in any way, and things will always remain like this.


  1. i love so much how you've refurnished. hoping you're sending me this? or maybe it's in the halloween packages i'm currently dl'ing ;)

    that hair on gill is heavenly. great picture set.

    1. Dustin, i think you do have this, mostly. I only added a little more clutter, I'll give you the newer esp though. The hairs on Gill and Flan will be just for us. Try the Levi hair on yourself baby, this is the prettiest.

  2. Hi, me again! Sorry we haven't spoken in such a long time. I've had alot of shit going on, so, yea... Anyway, this is amazing, as always. At first glance it seems like a quite room, but then you pick up on the small unsettling details and you realize something is a bit off. I like it! ^^ btw, Max, I was playing The Walking Dead the other day and saw your name in the credits. Is that a co-incidence or have you finally gotten the recognition you deserve in the gaming industry?

    1. Glad to see you here, dear! Our home is quite a creep indeed. I love it. and I was working on the hair conversion lately, like a damned ;[ Now I have to quickly add the new hairs to all of our races. Then I'll be finishing the home I was making for Dustin's b-day. yea a yet another private home, sorry for that. Our homes contain a lot of the sims content, as you may have noticed. i don't think it is cool to release them like that, but i love using the sims clutter. Porting it is so easy, unlike the hairs though.

      After I am done there will be more clothes released. I wasn't making any outfits lately, but Dustin has made some. So many work, and I'm just unable to organize my time.

      Its surely a pure coincidence that someone's got the same name as me. haha. it's just not so unique, i think.

  3. I'm glad you two seem to be doing well. It's brilliant you're working so passionately on your work. Even if you do use Sims content, your co-ordination is wonderful. It fits so well with everything else. Happy birthday to you, Dustin! I hope both of you celebrate the occasion to the fullest and have a wonderful day. ^^ I noticed your photos in the 5th image. You both look so handsome! And the photos look so professionally done too, but that's to be excepted from both of you two. :D Once again, i apologize for my absence, but I look forward to hearing from you both more and seeing what else your genius minds come up with.

  4. Ok, this house is not exactly lore-friendly... but I love Silent Hill and looking at these pix brings back good memories. I can hardly say this is Oblivion!

  5. thanks for the bday wishes kaida! and it's very easy to take selfies haha, not professional at all.
    glad you like the lonelyhouse peter :)