newsea hair pack

This is a public upload of the 4th part of Max's hair conversion project for boys. This time I have converted 20 male hairs in total. The hairs go best with Flan's races, and I have put them to some races already. Why not give them a try. Expect more race updates of course, and I can add the hairs to any of OUR races by your request.

Name: Newsea Hair Pack for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Newsea + Maxim K.
Version: 1.1
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

to 1.1:
- The hair pack was revised, the newer hairs were added, some hairs were removed.

- Oblivion Patch

Recommended mods:
Head06 + races by Max and Flan.
Our races require Robert's male body replacer v.5.2, and Robert's Female body 1.3.

The hairs were conformulated to fit Robert's heads06. Should work well with any other head, though. Just don't complain if the hair looks somewhat different on a head model other than head06.
The hairs were fitted to the normal human ears. There may be some clipping with any other ear shapes.

Newsea - newseasims.com or http://newseasims.tumblr.com/ - original hair meshes and textures.
Trapping, Pooklet, Emilia, Kotangens, Martini - some hair retextures

See the full credit list in the readme.

Max and Flan our favourite devils models
Look here - the Ddeath's signature hair is included in this package. Now you don't need to download the companion mod just to take out the hair. Yay.
If anyone remembers the Swan race, it was updated with the new hairs.
Damien. I was feeling bad not seeing him around any more, so i started playing as him.
James - the boy collector in the Mania house
Some more screens.

More pictures from our dear testers:

License and legal:
This hair package stays on maxheartflan.com.
If you feel like, you can make your mods dependant on this package. Just don't reupload Maxim's hair conversions within your mod package. Thank you..



Bonus picture - Max wearing Adnis hair from the older version.
This hair was excluded from the current version of Newsea Hair pack. But I couldn't exclude the beautiful picture Dustin had made of Maxim wearing this hair. I think Max could pull off this hair perfectly.

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  1. Hey awesome!!! A new hair pack for the guys!!! You also managed to get the tongues work, cool!

    1. No I didn't manage to get the tongues to work.

  2. No?! So where do these come from?!

    1. They work like normal tongues, but not as wearable parts. I was going to release them in case they were wearable. But releasing them like this doesnt make sense. Still our boys can walk around sticking out tongues, it's cute.

  3. Hey I love your jobs so much ...
    And your boys are AMAZING !!
    I was wonder if ya can make a human race or humanlike race ,
    Can ya think over it ?
    Because I used CS to change the Imperial race's texture into yours but it's not work ...
    I was envying your boys everytime I saw them ...

    1. Hey, do you want to play as one of our shared human boys like Toren, or Ddeath, or Gill? Although Gill and Damien would need my saves and a little work in Wrye Bash, the other boys are playable. If you use the companions Toren or Ddeath, check the race menu in your game, the pretty faces should be right there.
      Also, we have James's tanned skin, that is about to be released with 2 other human skins by Dustin. I promise not to put the fangs in their mouths XD

    2. Thank you I would like to ,
      But I play as ur Dreamer race now ...
      And I like it ,
      It's FABULOUS !!
      I have Toren ,
      I'll check it thank you ...
      Oh I can't wait for it !!
      Thanks for keep doing Oblivion's mod ...

  4. Amazing hair's set, thank you very much for it!

  5. Super-duper! Thanks for supporting hair veriety show so to say <3

  6. Ahh! UW. I'd dare say though, there hadn't been any real hair variety for manz before I started this project. So... yeah.

  7. Very nice!! May I request a update with Gill with this? I am having some...difficulties getting the hairs in-game. You can reach me at characterof2012@gmail.com :)

  8. Hey, I actually was going to update Gill with one of Newsea hair, and what hair do you want to see on him?

  9. I don't know the names of the hairs individually, but the volume one conversions ALL look great. Is there a way to get him with them all? :P

    1. yes sure, and I was going to put some newer hairs on him - ChainReaction and Heartquake (the original pics can be found via google). I made a GGC companion out of Gill just recently. If you want to try him out, just ask.

  10. This hair mod is amazing. Maxim hair for TESIV Oblivion is such a good job that looking for anything else is just a waste of time. Oh, I did forget, there is nothing else made for TESIV Oblivion except Maxim's hairpacks.
    If one wants a good male hair, one can have it thanks to Maxim alone.
    All hail to Maxim's beautiful job on the hairpacks.

  11. These hairs are so sexy! Thank you so much, you guys are the best! <3 <3
    I'm just wondering how you do those
    beautiful face textures for your boys, like what
    program do you use? ^_^

    1. Hellow. I make face textures in Photoshop, and Dustin uses GIMP. Sometimes we use photo reference for skin details, but normally we would prefer painting them by hand, because it's so much valuable.