wearable tongues

Here's a little update for you all, so this blog won't be forgotten forever while I am being utterly absorbed in the Maxsmas present for Dustin, and in the last hairpack that [hopefully] is going to be shared before the New year - thanks to Room207 for thorough testing! Anyway, the Wearable Tongues mod was found among mods for Skyrim, and I loved it so much that I decided to convert it to Oblivion.

As you can tell from the heading picture, James got a boyfriende finally, a guy with the light red hair, and milky skin, he was waiting for James inside his new LightHouse.
Name: Wearable tongues mod for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Maxim K. and mortenhoward
Version: 1.0
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

Oblivion Patch
Any animation mod that makes your character open his mouth.

Recommended mods:
Our races

Drag and drop the DATA folder onto your ingame DATA folder, merge the folders if prompted. Activate the esp in your mod manager. It loads somewhere where all the clothing is in your game.

10 tongues by mortenhoward converted from Skyrim to Oblivion.

General info :
These excellent tongues are converted from the Skyrim mod for the screenshooting purposes.
There's no script that makes your character open your mouth, but you can use console commands, or any mimic animation mods together with elys universal silent voice to make your character open his mouth. I think the only reason you would want to download this mod is for the screen shooting purposes. Thus i'm sure YOU know what animation mods i am talking abt here.

Location: look for the 'chest' in the testing hall. you won't miss it.

MortenHoward, as the creator of the mod for Skyrim game;
fafcf09 - original mesh and textures;
AlienSlof - the icon.
Special thanks:
Room207 for making the 1st tongue
Dustin for his lovebites

Author notes :
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  1. Ah, there they are! Wearable tongues, it's something quite new to Oblivion. I'm sure they will come in very handy to all the screenshooters out there! =)

  2. It is the best site about the male characters in Oblivion, thank you.

  3. Me again! So good to see more from you two! <3 This is perfect! This is just the thing I've needed for my more...."romantic" screenshots. Until now the only in game tongue available has been the one supplied by the bondage sex pose pack and that only has the one option and has a few clipping issues in most poses. Thanks again for sharing your brilliant masterpieces once again! I assure you i'll have much fun trying this out. ^^ I hope you've both had a wonderful Christmas and had a lovely time for the holidays. Wishing you a Happy New Year also. :D

  4. Thank you so much! Your comments are always so motivating. There's a lot of stuff ready to be shared this year, first thing is Cazy Hair Pack, then Flan's new Naturals human race - by request. And Dustin made the cutest Adventure Time characters as clutter items. I remember I also promised a player home, I'mma make one for everybody.

    About the tongues, sadly there will be clipping in poses if the head is turned somewhat aside, try to pick the most still poses (at least w/o crooked neck or chest bones). And I expect to see some of your romantic screens Kaida!

  5. This is exactly what I've been looking for! You are my new hero. Thank you for your excellent conversion!