cazy hair pack

Aww. The vacations made me so lazy. I was going to put this package up sometime around Maxsmas. But I couldn't make it with screenshots prettyful enough to present these hairs in all their glory. I think Cazy is one of my favourite male hair makers for The Sims, together with Lapiz. But I am glad I had to procrastinate with the screens - now you can take a peek at the 2 newer boys I 'd like to present you <3. They are our newest works - the Schism race (or companion?) and the Naturals race by Dustin.

Name: Cazy Hair Pack for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Cazy + Maxim K.
Version: 1.0
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

- Oblivion Patch
- Basic knowledge of Construction Set to put the hairs in the game. The hairs WON'T APPEAR IN GAME UNLESS YOU PUT THEM IN YOURSELF.

Recommended mods:
Head06 + races by Max and Flan.
Our races require Robert's male body replacer v.5.2, and Robert's Female body 1.3.

This is a public upload of the 5th and prolly final part of Max's hair conversion project for boys. This time Cazy works on male hairs were covered. I converted 12 hairs in total. However if Cazy hair creator makes more male hairs, i'll be converting them and adding to the package as soon as i feel like.
The hairs were conformulated to fit Robert's heads06. Should work well with any other head, though. Just don't complain if the hair looks somewhat different on a head model other than head06.
The hairs were fitted to the normal human ears. There may be some clipping with any other ear shapes.
The hair with long frontal locks Cazy85 aka CazyNocturne is fitted to the male scrawny chest. As an option, I also refitted the mesh to the default upper from Robert's 5.2 male body.
Of course, the best usage for these hairs will be putting them on our own races, cause this is what they are intended for.

Cazy @ TheSimsResource or cazycx.tumblr.com - oroginal hair meshes and textures. Refer to the readme for more credits.

Toren - long time no see! Cazy's Persempre hair suits him very well.
And here is James in his Lighthouse. Y'all will have a chance to look at this house, and browse through the other one I made for Dusty on Maxsmas, - a little later. Okay? James is wearing Demonic hair.
Ddeath showing off Mystical hair. Originally it had a tattoo ish thing on the left side, but I replaced it with a texture edit by Yuxi (see the full credit list inside the package). Notice that the Death pool has changed as well! Yes I was working hard these months.
Max and Flan! What would this post be without dem sexy vampire boys. Flan's got the same hair from 2012 he loved so much, but I learned just recently that this hair was made by Cazy for the Sims3, and that it was named Notorious! Loving the name, and I converted this hair myself to have an opportunity to share this artsy piece by Cazy in my blog. :D Max is wearing Lemon hair, I'm sure we love it because it's name reminds us of Lemongrab!
and now I am happy to introduce you our two new models. The 1st one (also featured in the header picture and in the hair chart) is a boy I made for Dustin's birthday. He was initially intended for James and was put in his house as a mute npc without AI and scripts. But I loved his face and skin so much and I decided to make myself a player character out of this guy. The race was called Schism, it possesses a milky white skin with pink veins all over the body. The basic hair colour is lite red. He is caudate, and I've given to him these cute lop hobbit ears made by Dustin! After some days of picking names I chose a good one for him, it's Eden.
Eden showing out in the refurnished Deathpool. The hair he is wearing is named Relentless. (and did I ever mention how I love it when the hairdo has a beautiful name like them made by Cazy?)
Eden locked in the Lighthouse bedroom, thinking about how to remove his cock ring. The hair he's wearing is, uhm, nameless for once, but wow so cute.
Eden in a randome location a la Chinese antique store, he is wearing Nocturne hair - a long one. I remember a certain person on TESA was asking for a long hair for guys- i think this one should fit their taste.
Another one of Nocturne hair - ignore the lock clipping, this pic (like all of them though) was made for TESTING the hairs, and the clipping on the chest is already fixed. Of course I haven't rigged the hair, that's why clipping is still possible, especially in the poses feat. uber 'sexy' crooked boob bones. A mesh variation fitted to the default Robert's upper is also included in my package.As for this pic, I picked it because I like the milky and very close to his natural tone of Eden's skin in this one, and James's bathroom lit by a pretty light.

Lane -the second model. His race is a wip Naturals by Dustin. It is a Human race we're going to share as it was requested in comments. The race includes 4 skin types from lite (showed on the image) to dark tone, and 2 basic genders male and female. There's also a variation with a CM partner that I'm using on my main comp - Lane has become a partner for my character Eden and they are adventuring together - and this is what the pics of Lane are showing, mostly. The hair he's wearing is DeAngelo.
Oh. Forgot to mention. While I was procrastinating with the Cazy hair pics, I happened to get a new main comp. (It wasn't a new year present; I've got a lovely chronograph for new years.) The pics with Lane show off my new graphics, it's amd R9 280x. The older pics show off my old graphics that was amd smth like 77 or 78 series, doesnt matter bc my boyfriend already sold it. And the OBGE pictures are from my laptop with some ancient nvidia graphics. But the most intriguing fact is - whatever graphics i use, i can never get the global mods like better cities to work - it just flushes my fps down the toilet and crashes on approach. guess i also need a clever brain to make this mod work properly.

 Note: the newer 13th hair by Cazy (Nicholas) is available in my Naturals set. Whenever Cazy makes at least a one more of her beautiful hairs, I'm going to update this particular package, don't worry abt this.

Cazy hairpack stays here in this blog. Please do not redistribute in your mods. You have to add the hairs in your game yourself via Oblivion Construction Set, or you can use our races listed below.



Something you should know: the Naturals race contains an extra hair by Cazy (i.e. 13 hairs in total), the one named Nicholas. So far I'm gonna leave it as it is and not include it in this very pack. If you want that particular hair, try out the Naturals race instead, it won't do harm to you.


  1. Max, thank you for this new hair pack! It's all your merit that we can enjoy these beautiful hairs! Also your new graphics are incredible, I've never seen Oblivion shining like that! Lane has become my favorite character. Oh ,and the environments in the background are so cool!!!

    1. Thank you. Lane's face as always is a basic face for the Naturals. It was made by Dustin, and I became obsessed with his creation once again, and those skins are so soft and nice. I can't wait till I could release them. Since Lane is totally a human, you may want to test him in your game, maybe? I was going to put Cazy's hair to this race, and I wanted to add Nightcrawler's hairs. Let's see if I could gain NC's permission though.

  2. Awesome! I like Cazy's hairs too, its look wonderful. Thank you very much for converting them!
    I especially love long hair, it's marvelous.

    1. You're so welcome dear! Looking forwrd to seeing some pretty characters wearing these hairs on AnvilBay :D

  3. I love these Max! Some of them may work for Luna as well. And I love the 3rd pic of Eden, (two down from the one where he's sticking his tongue out.)! It's so artistic and haunted looking. I love his creamy white skin.

    1. As I keep seeing Luna wearing short hairs, I think a lot of them would suit her! And I am so glad the new boys are warmly embraced by my friends, it's really good because I'm going to involve Lane and Eden in a picture spam XD

  4. Ahh screamss thank you so much.

    Also wow, the models are gorgeous as always. The Mystical hair suits Ddeath so well.

  5. wow! great hairs! I also really like the new models, Lane especially haha

  6. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    Will there be more Cazy hairs?