drow race and companion 1.3 - updated

Here's the update of the Drow race by Flan and Max - the first one in a series of race updates I'm performing during the Big Spring Cleaning action. My aim is to update all the races released in 2012 - to give just as much love as I can to my baby Flan and of course to our fans who use our races, by giving a full support to our beauty mods. The general change: some exclusive hairdos were added to the Drow race, the face texture was tweaked a little. The update includes 22 hairs by Newsea, partly reorganized, partly retextured, and those are the best and my favourite hairs. Some of them won't be included in the standalone hairpacks for a reason- I want you to try out our races, I want you to try out Robert's bodies, because this is what everybody needs in their game.


name: Drow Race and Companion by Max and Flan
authors: Maxim K. and Dustin Flan
source: maxheartflan.com
version: 1.3

Oblivion Patch
Robert's male body ver 5.2 for males
Robert's female 1.3 for females
UOP or Custom Race Fixes

for the CM companion, you'll need:
Shivering Isles.

WARNING: without Robert's bodies installed your game may lack of beauty.



Night eye
Resist Magicka
Paralyze immune

Skill bonus for:

Light Armour


22 beautiful hairs by Newsea - newseasims.com or http://newseasims.tumblr.com/ were picked and converted by Max specially for you! There's a variety of 'boyish' and 'girlish' styles for your Drow.
As a compliment for those who use and love our races i have added a couple of female-only hairs by Newsea - get them fresh! you won't see these in our standalone hairpacks.

Dustin tried himself in retexturing the Carl hair, making it soooo beautiful.

The Drow race is packaged with seven exclusive Flan's Spirit Orb v2 eyes, which make their debut on public release.

Dustin has made a new beautiful face for the race esp. The 2 genders are covered. (Robert's bodies).

I've given the eyelashes to the Drow, they're similar to those ones I used for the Naturals race.

In the optional folder, one can get a Drow companion named Morvus. Meet him in A Warlocks Luck shop in Bravil. Don't worry, he would gladly leave the daddy for you (or rather for your money).
Traditionally, one has to dress up the companion, because he's wearing vanilla clothing from Shivering Isles.
Morvus is nicely armed though (thanks to amazing Lazarus guy).


Lastly, there are no nice pics for the Drow because I'm really lacking time for making more of them, but you can check out the old Drow post
Howevar this new post is much more informative bc you can finally see the Drow woman, and the hair chart, too XD


  1. This is beautiful! I just made my own drow, that I'm rather attached to, otherwise I'd be all over this. My drow uses Dustin's bases, though, as usual for my races. Hope you don't mind. Yours are beautiful. I love the eyes. They look haunting.

  2. As always, absolutely beautiful! I love your work. It's a must in my game.

  3. Your work is amazing, thank you for sharing this.

  4. I realize I'm years late and all, but wowie! This is so cool! And the ears, the move! How did you do that? Anyway, great mod!

    1. Aww thanks so much. I have quit Oblivion modding a while ago, and yet I'm so happy that people still visit my blog and my mods are not abandoned :D