naturals race and companion

The Naturals is a simple yet perfect human race created and shared due to many requests. The race has four skin colour variations and two genders support, all equally beautiful. Besides you get Lane as a CM partner in this package. Lane is our latest model, he's got a unique face and skin. The skins, eyes, and beautiful faces were hand crafted by Dustin, and the entire mod was put up together by Maxim. The pleasant graphic setting for this post was arranged with help of A Tweaked ENB 181_7_1beta which so far is the most character-friendly over the whole variety of enbs. Photoshop manipulations were reduced to minimal or zero.

Name: Naturals race mod for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Dustin Flan + Maxim K.
Current version: 1.2
Source: www.maxheartflan.com

Oblivion Patch
Robert's female body 1.3
Robert's male body 5.2

UOP or Custom Race Fixes + Boeathia shrine race fix - these are the must in case if you start a new game- in prison or whatever.

Features :
13 hairs by Cazy @ TheSimsResource or cazycx.tumblr.com converted by Max
14 hairs by Kijiko @ Kijiko.catfood.jp or kijiko-sims.tumblr.com
1 hair by Darkosims (Nightcrawler) @ darkosims3.tumblr.com
26 unique human eyes by Flan (include 2 eye packages - 16 Heart eyes painted by Flan, and 10 Hidden eyes made from photo referances)
1 male CM companion with special body design + 1 female NPC. You can find Lane and Sadie in Silverhome on the Water, bottom floor (Bravil).

Skill bonus :
athletics +10
speechcraft +10

Specials :
resistance to diseases
resistance to poisons

New eye chart - ver. 1.2
 Hair chart - ver. 1.2
Basic faces :
 CM Partner Lane showoff:
Lane in Silver Home on the Water - beta test photoshoot. After this one was made, we performed some changes to Lane and the race in whole. The Silver Home and the Daffodil set are kept for historical purposes:
Lane and the daffodils:
Lane casting rainbow upon the haters:
Lane posing for a fashion contest - let's not forget he's a model guy:
Lane trying on the Middark skin during the gameplay:
Lane trying on the Dark skin during the initial testing of the upcoming house mod by Max:
Lane posing in his skin, feat. a 'vanilla morning' action plopped on:
Other boys got jelly for not being shot as frequent as darling Lane, here's James posing in his skin that is in fact the Naturals Tan skin. Didn't you know? Now you know James was wearing this skin all the time. (hair and eyes not included in Naturals mod).
Eden tried on the Dark skin, as he started getting sick of his own pale skin (eyes not included in Naturals mod, the hair is from 1.1 version):
 All in all, my Eden boy enjoys his life among the Naturals a lot.

The mod stays there where I put it, if you please.
Unless you are me or Dustin, do not upload this file anywhere.
Do not use parts of this mod in your oblivion mods - this is a playable mod, not a resource.
If the mod doesn`t fit your taste, simply do not download it.
In case you`re a JB fan, do not download this mod, or you risk to go all bonkers about it.

VER. 1.2 (Cazy+Kijiko+Nightcrawler Sims hair + 10 Hidden Eyes) FROM:

ESP only! Requiers the original archive above.
VER. 1.2 (Cazy+Kijiko+Nightcrawler Sims hair + 10 Hidden Eyes) WITHOUT CM PARTNER
Attention: this file requires Naturals Race and CompanionMod 1.2. Replace that ESP with this one.


  1. This is absolutely amazing! I can't restrain exclamations of delight at the mere sight of these shots, these textures! I'm in love!

  2. Hurray for release!

    Miya here, any changes made over the beta?

    Those images are beautiful ~ Lane's inks are just tops; they really suit him.

    Will use the race extensively for my super-difficult playthrough.

    1. Hi dear, i think no crucial changes were made to the final version. The race turned out very neat, and i think i'm going to update our older races with those pretty eyelashes that were.
      I included a couple of images from your test shoot in my hall of fame, here: http://jetaimeainsi.minus.com/mUmXUvga7 Hope this is ok.

    2. Of course, very happy they made it there ~

  3. Well, you already know what I think about the neturals... pure awesomeness and must have races! ;)

  4. OMG ,
    That's what I wanted ,
    Thank you so much for this !!!
    It's incredible !!!

    HOW DO I INSTALL THIS??? I ONLY GOT 1 foler when i
    downladed. there was no data folder

    1. You have downloaded a packaged archive, now you have to extract the file itself. you can use this file extractor: http://www.filehippo.com/download_7-zip_64

  6. Please tell me how you do these outstanding faces, and what program you use!! V_V

    -Thank you <3 <3

  7. Hi again ,
    I just wanna say how much I love your works ,
    They are breathtaking and beautiful ,
    I can say they are the greatest male races I ever saw .
    Btw can I ask which Enb did you used in these pic ?
    It is fascinating .

    1. Hello, I use A Tweaked Enb, it is mentioned in my modlist: http://www.maxheartflan.com/p/modlist.html

  8. Макс, привет снова. Несколько вопросов. Как я понимаю в эту расу уже включено вот это?

    И еще, ты не мог бы обновить свою расу, включив в нее все глаза отсюда?

  9. Прям все? Но это дохера. Хотя ладно, как с работы вернусь, так обновлю.
    З.Ы, Я демона обновил, там новые волосы. Забыл распихать в другие моды. Но я гений, мне простительно.

  10. Нет ну не совсем все глаза конечно, а те, которые к той твоей расе подходят )
    Буду ждать обновления ) Спасибо макс, вы делаете очень красивых парней, и дополнения к ним ) Очень секси.
    Скайрим не играю как раз потому, что там все мерзкие на вид, и ве моды делаются там только для женщин персонажей.

  11. Есть там норм моды в Скайриме. Все волосы из Симс, что я в Обл портировал - там есть. Броня есть и тело, что еще надо.. Много белья? А нахуй.

  12. Макс, там в скайриме все только для баб делается. Красивых парней рас нет, все уроды, все мерзкое и гадкое. На обливион есть куча красивой брони для мальчиков, красивых модов, делающих всех нпс в игре по подобию корейских K-Pop групп, твои расы. Можно реально играть с удовольствием. А в скайриме все мерзкое еще и все только для баб. А по теме - надеюсь на обновку этой расы с глазами )

    1. Я думаю, виноват сайт "скайрим-нехуйс". Не ходи туда и все будет ок. Я про новые моды раньше узнавал от одного парня на тумбларе, зря наверно его расфоловил, ну ладно. После тяпницы мод обновлю. Или завтра, как бф на фитнес уйдет.

  13. Макс, ну как там успехи с обновой )

  14. Макс, напоминаю про обнову )

  15. Макс, а вот еще вопрос. У тебя требования для новых рас - Robert's male body 5.2, а можно использовать Robert's male body 4? В версии 5 тела у мужиков какие то очень старые мускулисто-красные и неприятные.

  16. this is with no doubt the best race mod out there!!, the boys are gorgeous and perfect hahaha i was wondering (i already downloaded this mod) is there any way to add the other hair downloads in your page to the race?, i'm kinda new and stupid when it comes to mod oblivion but for some reason it's working right now with no crashes haha

  17. This mod is amazing! probably my favorite mod ever made. Could you make one like this for Fallout 3?

  18. Having trouble getting the bodies to show up in game right. Something's not working with the textures- the skin looks really off. Maybe the files need an update?

    1. Hello. The mod requires a nude version of Robert's bodies (it's in the options). You've prolly installed the default Robert's mesh with the undies, this is why the textures look off. You have to manually change it to the nude version.

  19. hi ya let me start with i love your boys there
    sooo cute! but i was also wondering where you got the tail the one has in the last picture? its looks so cool and i'm trying to build a character of mine but he normally has a tail and this is the only one iv seen so far

    1. Hello, and thank you so very much. I'm happy to know that my little mods made in collaboration with Dustin are still appreciated, even though I do not mod v-games any more. In the creation of the caudate boy I used a mesh resource named "small tail", it can be downloaded over the nexusmods site, in the Oblivion section.

  20. hi there i was wondering where you found the tail one of the boys in the last picture has
    and if you would mind sharing a link?