kijiko hair pack

As I was going to finish my rather enormous project on giving the best TheSims hairs to TES IV Oblivion guys, after I started noticing that nearly everyone's male characters were already using my hair ports, then I discovered wonderful Kijiko's site! All Kijiko hairs were so gorgeous that I just couldn't resist but ran my blender and converted nearly all of them. So have the 6th and definitely final part of Max's hair conversion project. This time 14 of Kijiko works on male hairs were covered. This hair package by Kijiko is definitely my most favourite ever, for these hairs made my boys look even more sexy than ever! Hard to believe? Open this post and witness. :D

Name: Kijiko Hair Pack for TES IV Oblivion
Authors: Kijiko + Maxim K.
Version: 1.0
Source: maxheartflan.com

- Oblivion Patch
- Basic knowledge of Construction Set to put the hairs in the game. The hairs WON'T APPEAR IN GAME UNLESS YOU PUT THEM IN YOURSELF. Luckily, I provided a very detailed info on how to do this, even with a picture, it's inside the package.

Recommended mods:
Head06 + races by Max and Flan.
Our races require Robert's male body replacer v.5.2, and Robert's Female body 1.3.

This is a public upload of the 6th and prolly final part of Max's hair conversion project for boys. This time Kijiko works on male hairs were covered. I converted 14 hairs in total.
Whenever Kijiko hair creator makes more male hairs, I'll be converting them and adding to the package asap. These hairs are too juicy to not have them ported to Oblivion.
The hairs were conformulated to fit Robert's heads06. Should work well with any other head, though. Just don't complain if the hair looks somewhat different on a head model other than head06.
The hairs were fitted to the normal human ears. There may be some clipping with any other ear shapes.
Of course, the best usage for these hairs will be putting them on our own races, cause this is what they are intended for.

Kijiko @ kijiko.catfood.jp or kijiko-sims.tumblr.com - original meshes and textures

- thanks to my baby Dustin for his love and loads of inspiration
- thanks to Kijiko for their most excellent work on The Sims3 hairs. Kijiko has become my most favourite hair artist, seriously. Mainly because of their attention to both genders while making hair.
- thanks to Room207 for testing the hairs <3
- thanks to our fans for the support - without you nothing would've been shared.

License and legal
This hair package stays on maxheartflan.com.
If you feel like, you can make your mods dependant on this package. Just don't reupload Maxim's hair conversions within your mod package. Thank you.

Have some pictures of the boys wearing Kijiko hairs.
In this set: Lane became a prettyboy; the dark prince Eden; Gill found his old skin with the tears tattoo; James got the Naturals skin; and I gave a dust to my old Dim character. Wow.
My dear Max doesn't want to leave this cozy place, the Deathpool - an eternal WIP. lol.
Hey ho XD This perfect skin, again, but on James. And Eden as Max. I think maybe Eden never wanted to be a colourless person that I made him. Does anyone like him more this way?
The last set is devoted to the public house mod I'm making. It's not complete yet, but you can take a peek right here. (And James became my most favourite character pulling off this skin and hair so charmingly.)
Phew! That was a lot of glorious pictures. I'm such a nice boy.

You have to install the hair yourself via Construction Set.
If you do not know how to do that, try these races with Kijiko Hair Pack already included:



  1. Wow, amazing! I can't wait to try these out, thanks so much for sharing these ~
    and I'll be sure to check kijiko as well, been a while since I played sims :)

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

    Yay! Longish messy hair. Perfect for my rogue character I'll start someday once my moditis fades. Love it.

  3. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    More nude boys. This is so beautiful. Love the hairs too. I can not live without them, I secretly hoard your mods.

  4. Max, thank you for converting these wonderful hairs to Oblivion. It's all your merit if we have a bunch of new male hairs in our game. Also, I'm glad you could upload this to the Nexus.

  5. I love the work you do, please, keep it going.

    1. Thank you. This package is going to be extended very soon, so yeah! - I still keep working on hair mods for boys :D

  6. Hello, boys! Sorry its been so long. I hope you still remember me. I apologize for my absence and the fact its been so long since we last spoke. I'm afraid i've been busy and struggling with some things in the real world for a while now. Anyway, just dropping in to say I still check in on your progress from time to time and despite how skilled, beautiful and unique you and your work is you somehow still manage to only get better at this perfection. I'm still as grateful as ever for the kindness and friendship you have shown me and the beautiful work you create and share with the world. Just letting you know, i still think of you guys and hope you are well. I'm just sorry its been so long, hope you understand and have not forgotten me or think i abandoned you. I'm pleased to say i'm slowly recovering from some events. Hopefully we can get back in touch. I still recommend you to all my fellow oblivion players and mod users. Keep up the good work and know that you will always have friends in this world. ^^

    1. Hello dear, of course I remember you - one of my dearest friends, and Dustin does as well, I'm sure. I am so glad to hear from you again, and deeply touched by your kind words <3 Hopefully everything's gonna be alright for you irl, so we could talk more.

    2. I'll glad you two are well. It's certainly comforting to speak with you two again. Don't worry about me, i'm finally getting the help i need now. I just need some more time to full heal, but i am able to speak to people again which is good. ^^ Anyway, since i don't use facebook anymore, i thought i'd share my email with you so we can keep in touch . <3 my email is phantaseyez@tpg.com.au I'm so happy to hear from you!