obsessive boys

I was feeling lazy, got this life too, so I havent came up yet with any shares in may, despite my plans. But you were definitely curious about my boys, what they have been up to all these months (unless you're one of those wonderful people who follow my tumblr gallery or my facebook page). Here are some pictures with boys I'd like to share because I find them beautiful and unique.

Eden and James. They are lovers ! You can see Kewai hairs worn by these boys here, yea I've ported the hairs of course because I couldn't resist, but I won't release Kewai's works due to their rules. That's why these hairs will stay only mine :P And did you know about this cute little gem of a bird in Amenthalas Well house? The groundfloor and the well is my fave place there, it's a real gem. And the screenshots come out so good.

Gill and Toren. Toren was re-released with this new haircut, and he's pulling off the revealing armour like whoa. A man of beauty. Gill wears nothing mostly, because he is tattooed. It's so macho, yknow. And what's the use of your tattoos in TES IV Oblivion if noone can see them, right? :D
Second pic - Gill posing in Flan's XMas house. I should sometime make a showoff for you. It's a brand new interior mesh Dustin designed by himself.

Some interior re-design from me, made back in midwinter, actually. Good old screens. Can you recognize the 2011_studio here? lol. That whole studio place used to be so boring. And yet this fact inspired me to make a complete overhaul of this place. :D And, I see Ddeath. And you? Not sure if this hair suits him well though. As I said, this was a first test back in winter.

Maxim and Flan. I only had a little time to play with them on my old laptop. They were doing nothing, lounging in Flan's Gallery, mostly.
But here are the good news - recently Max and Flan cooperated with some other boys on my main comp, and right now they are working on a photoshoot of the new Kijiko hairpack I am going to share. The hairpack itself is ready. But it needs a beautiful showoff. So please have patience and wait a little more. Oh and if someone wants to test it before release, let me know.

Untill then you can look through some other nice blogs I like :

Lucha's blog - here you can find some info about hairs and even wigs
Lunasprite13's blog - lovely interior design and character stories 
Room207's blog - a must see blog for those who dare play Oblivion as a boy

I sometimes go outside my blog to look for nice blogs to read but I don't usually get lucky, so if you happen to know a good blog about Oblivion mods and modding, do tell me in the comments :D I am specially interested in interior design, house building, and boys of course.


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2014

    It hurts my balls just to look at these pictures. Feels so good. Holy fuck I never knew I'm gay.

  2. some of my favorite pics <3

  3. Such rich pictures! :3
    Quick question! Just wondering where
    you got all dem pretty clothes for your boys?

    1. Hello. The few clothing pieces showed in this set are from a private mod.