flan gallery

I decided to show off my player house made for Dustin back in december 2013. It's an art gallery with living area on the first floor, and a torture room in the basement section. All the artworks exposed in the gallery are real digital paintings created by Dustin and converted to .dds :D
Room207 was kind enough to show interest in the house mods we kept on making. I made a huge list of our player homes for him, and then I recalled I was really going to show off the Gallery and Dustin's art because it's something cool that everyone should see.

Flan Gallery mod was created by me for Dustin on Maxsmas (that's what teh christians would call christmas and for the same reason - my selfie Max was born at that day). It was never shared due to great amount of custom content by theSims modders, ported to TES IV Oblivion to make the house look just like I wanted to.
Interesting fact: I made a similar walkthrough and posted it over the facebook months ago, I used my laptop and OBGE back then. I bet you people never checked it out - whatevurrr! Now you have your second chance.
Flan Gallery. First floor - bedroom, bathroom, and lounge area:
Flan Gallery. Bottom floor - lobby and the art gallery:
Flan Gallery. Torture basement. All reeked of blood, sweat and semen despite it's tidy look.
About the characters showed in the pictures. The dark haired boy is my Natural model named Sheridan. And in case noone recognized the blond boy looming in the distance, it's Gill - coming soon with GGC script.


  1. New to the blog. You are amazing, in both modding and art, did you make those painting by yourself?. Also I have to give you many thanks for your awesome mods I couldn't play oblivion without them!

  2. Thank you, I'm always happy to see new faces here. All the digital paintings were made by Dustin, and I put them inside this house mod for him.

    1. That's really sweet of you, really. Theirs usually alot of people out their who wouldn't just do things like that. I must of been time consuming but worth it. I also would like to ask (just asking i'm not forcing you in anyway I just really love you other non released races) if you will be releasing http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-M7lTspKXtqA/Uwhf2ol3P7I/AAAAAAAAAt0/2J0JewkMt_0/s1600/DAIRANATH-AVARI-FLANIFIED.jpg



      as-well as


      their super cute and I really love their appearance are you planning on releasing them maybe?

    2. On the 1st pic there's a unreleased skin for Dairanath Avari mod by Mondstein. I think it was unreleased because that modder quit modding and stopped updating her character. But the skin is Dustin's work, and it can be released if Dustin wishes. The character's face is Albino race by me, and the hair is by Lapiz (shared here).
      The 2nd pic is CM companion Gill, he can be downloaded in this blog, but i'm currently working on this companion's overhaul. He's gonna be re-released soon with a newer hair and GGC script (like Ddeath companion).
      The 3rd pic is Dustin's 'Blk Victim' race - it's an old time WIP, wasnt released due to my laziness i guess. Dustin had passed it to me like a year ago. I'm gonna share it in the blog sometime later (if Dustin approves).

    3. Thank you for answering once again! your to awesome to comprehend and I hope he approves I would love to use the Blk Victim race, have a wonderful day Max :D

    4. i hope these two skins can be released too, eventually.

  3. Hey Max Eon here again :o I was wondering if you can give me a rundown on how to made textures for characters and or do mods in general. I started playing oblivion again like a week or two ago and even though this games does not get as much attention as skyrim does I want to learn from the very best namely you or flan xD I'll be sure to share with you both. Let me know if your willing to train :D.

    1. Hello again, here are the basics of texturing for you: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/tutorials/category/14-texturing/

    2. Thanks Max :D I'll let you know if I make anything so I can share it with you.

    3. eonwolf- you can also message me if you have any questions about texturing :) dustinflan@gmail.com