bestial shadow

Once upon a time there was a beautiful prince living in a bestial shadow of the woods.
The fall commences flowing through my hollowness of eyes.
ah smells sweet amber, like your skin that has been licked and since dried.  
I am lurking forward to you. Somewhat viral. All woven of...
of silky blood clot, rotten leaves, abated breath and pupillary dilation.

"Where do I go now, I am lost?"
suddenly I stop and hear the fall is howling back. "He was following me quietly, a rusty spade in his hand... I spat up blood, the sky got down. He`s made it to the end".

I tend to break the lore in making my own player homes, but as much as that, and even more, I adore homes that blend well with the vanilla game, being at the same time precious and unique. Like Redwood Estate - look up for the link in my modlist - one of the very few player homes that I don`t feel an utter desire to redecorate. Just love it as it is. Even the lighting is perfect.

As one can see, I`m still obsessed with these two boys. My Natural boy Sheridan (get the race here) has become one of the main player characters. And Gill is GGC partner. I have just finished testing him. Look forward to getting him in my next post.

Some more images of Sheridan, and Gill (all I was working on during the lazy august)
I must admit I really appreciate the level of popularity/notoriety our Naturals race gets. Some adore it, some hate it severely, seems like noone is left indifferent. If only I had a heart or if I were Dustin, I would've said that it made my heart melt. But I have nothing to say. I have checked and I made sure that I`m still hollow, ready to rush down the steep into the sea and perish in the waters.


  1. So wonderful, you my friend are a gifted artist. There's so much quality and courage in your images.
    It shows how dedicated you are to your work.

    1. thank you kindly, i'm happy you could see all of this reflected in my screenshots.