jodie ggc companion

Well I kno I kno, I was going to put the new companions up for download sometime on Halloween, but y'all imagine how this happens, don't you. First I was wanting to make them even more perfect, and wonderful Room207 has helped me a lot with that; then my tester person vanished into thin air and I got no feedback on mah Jodie; meanwhile I became distracted and was annoying and exciting my friends with that perfect ball-jointed boydoll I had found, and now I just can't wait till he arrives at my place. Aw this is like expecting a baby, I guess. Yea so, I finally recalled I was going to post the Oblivion guy and girl companions for y'all. Use them, abuse them, or ignore them - well, if someone chooses to deprive themselves of maxheartflan mods, they only do harm to themselves and not me, because there'll always be beautiful people who love me. I'm just this kind of guy, talented and adorable. Anyways... ladies come first.

Name: Companion Jodie mod for TES IV Oblivion - GGC version
Authors: Dustin Flan + Maxim K.
Version: 1.0
Source: maxheartflan.com

Oblivion Patch

And that`s all ! Jodie will use her own body meshes and textures. Therefore, even if you're a fan of those odd bloated bodies and crooked textures, our Jodie won't be affected.

Recommended mods:

More mods that add clothing for Robert`s female. Look at Slof's webbie: slofslair.co.uk


Nexus Mod Manager Instructions
1. Download the .7z mod file from the mod page
2. Start Nexus Mod Manager
3. Click the Add Mod from File button
4. Navigate to where you have the .7z mod file stored
5. Wait for NMM to finish adding the file and then activate it

1. Start Nexus Mod Manager
2. Double click the mod to deactivate it, once finished the icon will turn green

Manual Instructions
1. Download the .7z mod file from the mod page
2. Extract the files to a temporary location.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Load order:
This mod loads somewhere in the end of your mod list where all the other companions load, I think.

- Jodie race
- beautiful face with a perfect makeup
- beautiful body
- beautiful hair
- beautiful eyes
- beautiful armor
- beautiful weapon

General info :

This mod adds a standalone companion named Jodie. Jodie is a vampire.

The mod is based on the GGC script.

Extra hair: Jodie has an additional hairstyle that is more casual of sorts. You have to use construction set to change her hair.

Why a female companion?
Because Dustin had made this beautiful face texture.

When you first meet Jodie, she is standing among the wintery congelation (outside Bruma main gate) in a very posh outfit (courtesy of AlienSlof and Korana).

Once you gain access to Jodie's controls, you can choose her class. After your done, the armour fitted for her class will appear in her inventory alongside with her initial armour and weapon. Choice is yours now - you may leave her in her formal dress, or dress in vanilla armour, or give some 0ther clothes, if you have them installed.

Be careful it was reported that our companions tend to get naked when the command "At ease" or "Take a rest" is given. They do this for a reason, I think that's just the way they relax.



  1. "Even if you're a fan of those odd bloated bodies and crooked textures" LOL!!! 99,99% of people use those creepy bodies with twisted UV maps, it's absurd!!!

    Anyway, now that Jodie has been released, I'm officially the only Oblivion player/modder who doesn't have a female character... shame on me...

    1. In times of universal deceit someone has to tell the truth and commence revolution.
      Hey man, don't worry abt not having a female character, this does make you unique :D

  2. Good evening. Friend
    I love you all modes.
    But you are the kind of woman's body too restrictive.

    I do not have a costume.. It always makes me sad. :(

    1. Do not be sad please, and haz more costume for Jodie right here: http://slofslair.co.uk/mods/filter/oblivion-mods

  3. Nothing I like there. :/ I think there have only been like.. two? outfits converted for Roberts female that I've even come close to liking. Robert's UV map is great. But the proportions are just super, super odd to me. The ribcage is just way too wide, while the hips are narrow. At least compared to my own figure. x_X

    1. Then this mod is not for you, move on to what you like :]

  4. I used to use Roberts Female, but I switched away due to lack of compatibility. I have to say though, your races are amazing and this companion is beautiful. I might have to dig up some Roberts clothing and give Jodie a look~

    Thanks a ton for supporting Roberts. I might not use it anymore, but it is superior IMO.

  5. Jodie??? YAAAAY! Jodie is one of my fave chars of yours along with Damien, what a lovely surprise to come back to after my Oblivion break =D

  6. Luckly, I love playing with both Robert's bodies. I hope I'll be able to convert some cool clothing to use with her and Vilja. (I need more male companions though, my game is full of girls: Vilja, Neeshka, Sonia...). I can't stand Fergus's voice anymore (it's my voice after all). I put my hands on your Gill and Aaron. Gosh, I hope Room207 releases his ebony dude soon!